Joey Carbstrong Releases New Documentary ‘Pignorant’ – How To Watch It

Carbstrong's new documentary 'Pignorant' is now available to watch


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Joey Carbstrong holding a piglet in a UK factory farm, a still from his new film Pignorant Joey Carbstrong's new film 'Pignorant' is available to watch now - Media Credit: Amazon Prime

Animal activist Joey Carbstrong has released a new film that exposes the realities of pig farming in the UK.

The feature-length investigative documentary – named Pignorant – tracks Carbstrong on a “life-risking mission to uncover the truth behind bacon.” Directed by Carbstrong and Tarion Partridge, a fellow activist and filmmaker, the film is available to watch now.

The product of a three-year-long undercover investigation, Pignorant allows viewers to experience first hand what life is like for farmed pigs in the UK.

Carbstrong told Plant Based News (PBN): “Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t the only one who was kept in the dark about the main killing method for pigs. As my film reveals, this ‘ignorance’ is by design.”

Pignorant will open people’s eyes

Joey Carbstrong in a pig slaughter gas chamber, the most common method of pig slaughter in the UK
Amazon Prime Carbstrong has exposed the carbon dioxide gassing of pigs in the UK

In recent years, Carbstrong has released several high-profile investigations into cruelty on animal farms. In 2023, he released the first ever footage of pigs being gassed with carbon dioxide in a UK slaughterhouse.

Now, with Pignorant, he is giving viewers never-before-seen access to the UK pig farming industry. Through expert and whistle blower testimonials, the documentary exposes the UK’s cruel treatment of pigs and the lengths industry figures will go to conceal it.

“I knew in my heart, that no matter the risk, my mission was to infiltrate and expose what happens to UK pigs inside these gas chambers,” Carbstrong added. “I set out to uncover the deeply ingrained corruption and heartbreaking abuse that lies at the heart of UK pig farming, determined to go into the darkness to bring the truth out to the public eye.”

Joey Carbstrong’s vegan filmmaking

A farmed pig in the UK - still from Joey Carbstrong's new vegan film 'Pignorant'
Amazon Prime ‘Pignorant’ is available to watch on Amazon Prime now

Carbstrong is a respected animal advocate with a large online following. As well as revealing the truth about UK pig farming, the film shines a light on the undercover operations that Carbstrong and other activists undertake to expose animal cruelty industries.

Pigs are close to Carbstrong’s heart. “When I first heard about the method in which pigs are slaughtered in major countries around the world, I was genuinely shocked. My activism and campaigning efforts quickly became focused around bringing light to this reality.”

Carbstrong’s undercover cameras also captured “shocking” conditions on a UK turkey farm in the run-up to Christmas last year. The footage prompted Red Tractor to suspend the farm.

“After years of investigative work and film making, we hope Pignorant ignites a fire of change and empowers the public, in the UK and internationally, to take a stand,” Carbstrong said. “The film’s aim is to create awareness and spark change, and I hope that the public joins us in our mission to demand justice for pigs.”

Where to watch Pignorant

Hotly anticipated, Carbstrong’s ground-breaking documentary is available to stream now on Amazon Prime. It is also coming soon to other platforms.

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