Try This Fluffy Vegan Vanilla Oreo Cheesecake That You Don't Even Need To Bake

Try This Light And Fluffy Vegan Vanilla Oreo Cheesecake That You Don’t Even Need To Bake

Skip the animal products but keep all the flavor with this vegan no-bake dessert recipe


(updated 24th May 2023)

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A slice of vegan Oreo vanilla cheesecake on a plate, served with strawberries, dairy-free cream and chocolate sauce Nobody will miss eggs or dairy in this decadent dessert - Media Credit: Viva Vegan Recipe Club
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A riff on restaurant chain Frankie & Benny’s vegan vanilla Oreo cheesecake, this dairy-free option is too good to be true. It’s so quick to make, and no baking means no fuss. Give it a try and see if you can fool someone into thinking it’s a traditional non-vegan cheesecake.

What is a no-bake vegan cheesecake?

Baked cheesecakes contain eggs, which need to be cooked in order to set and be safe to eat. As vegans do not eat eggs, no-bake cheesecakes are a good option for those with a sweet tooth and a little patience.

In place of eggs, vegan cream cheese or silken tofu are commonly used in plant-based recipes. When combined with an acid, such as lemon juice, the filling will firm up after being left in the fridge. The addition of stiffly whipped cream also helps to create a dense texture.

Are Oreos really vegan?

Some varieties of Oreo are vegan. You’ll need to check the packaging when choosing biscuits to add to your cheesecake, but in general, the regular single-stuffed chocolate varieties do not contain animal products. The golden, strawberry cheesecake, and mint flavors are usually vegan as well.

A vegan vanilla Oreo cheesecake on a plate, served with chocolate sauce and ice cream
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Duration12 hrs 15 mins
Prep Time15 mins
Servings8 servings


  • 300 g/10.5 oz digestive biscuits use GF if necessary
  • 150 g/⅔ cup vegan butter eg Naturli
  • 600 g/2⅓ cups vegan cream cheese
  • 400 ml/1½ cups vegan double cream eg Elmlea Plant, whipped
  • 2 tsp vanilla paste or extract
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 200 g/1¾ cups icing sugar sieved
  • Pinch salt
  • Handful Oreo biscuits broken into small pieces
  • 50 g/⅓ cup vegan chocolate melted (or use ready-made chocolate sauce eg Askey’s Crackin Chocolate)



  • Grease a loose bottom cake tin with vegan spread.
  • Blend the digestives until fine or put in a clean tea towel and bash with a rolling pin until smooth.
  • Gently melt the margarine in a small saucepan on a low heat until fully dissolved. Combine thoroughly with the blended digestives in a large mixing bowl.
  • Empty the mixture into the greased cake tin and evenly distribute along the bottom, packing firmly with the back of a spoon or with your hands. Place in the fridge until you need it.


  • In a large mixing bowl, using an electric whisk (or balloon whisk) whip the cream until stiff (don’t overwhip).
  • Add all the other cake ingredients and whip again until thoroughly combined.
  • Pour the mixture onto the chilled base and spread evenly. Place into the fridge to set overnight.


  • Sprinkle over the broken Oreo.
  • Pour over the melted chocolate and serve with ice cream or enjoy as it is 🙂

This vegan vanilla Oreo cheesecake recipe was republished with permission from Viva’s Vegan Recipe Club. Find the original recipe here.

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