8 Black-Owned Vegan Businesses To Support This Holiday Season (And Beyond)

Consider buying from these vegan Black-led brands this December and all-year-round


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People and products from eight Black-owned vegan businesses Looking for unique, vegan-friendly gift ideas? Look no further - Media Credit: Various / Plant Based News

The holiday and gift-giving season is here. It’s not always easy to decipher which businesses have the best quality products, services, and “bang for your buck.” In light of this, the following are eight handpicked Black-owned vegan businesses that I highly recommend showing some love to this Christmas and holiday season.

8 Black-led brands offering unique vegan gifts

1. Bamboo athleisure wear by JusRédor 

Two women wearing vegan Bamboo Athleisure Wear by JusRédor and stretching
JusRédor Look and feel good in vegan-friendly fitness wear

Created with the modern day “go-getters” in mind, JusRédor is a collection of beautifully designed bamboo athleisure wear that is eco-friendly. All of the clothing is created from bamboo fabric that is sustainable, breathable, hypoallergenic, and luxurious. This provides versatility, comfort, durability, odor resistance, and sweat-wicking features.

JusRédor’s range is ideal for workouts in the gym, running errands, or simple leisure time.

Visit the JusRédor website to shop. (Add code “BAMBOO” at checkout to receive 10 percent off your purchase.)

2. Vegan peppermint lip balm by killHERcore 

A stick of vegan Peppermint Lip Balm by killHERcore 
killHERcore These lip balms are made with all-vegan ingredients that are not tested on animals

Chapped lips are never the way to go. And there have been many times where we may experience lip care products doing more harm than good. This can leave our lips feeling irritated, dried, and depleted to say the least.

KillHERcore, based in Brooklyn, New York, offers worldwide shipping for its Vegan Peppermint Lip Balm. Handcrafted and infused with real sage herb, this lip balm has been carefully formulated to provide you with long-lasting hydration (no more annoying, constant reapplying), potent healing properties, emollient (soft), humectant (moisturizing), and succulent lips.

I have personally tried this product and my lips felt restored as soon as I used it. I highly recommend getting it!

Visit the killHERcore website to shop

3. High FrequencTea detox and wellness products

Vegan detox products and supplements from High FrequencTea
High FrequencTea Kick off the New Year with wellness in mind

Being vegan is nothing short of amazing. Especially when we pivot into the holistic side of veganism, and assist our bodies in reaching optimal performance.

Founded by holistic nutritional counselor and plant-based influencer Shaneequewa Samuels and her mother Shirley, High FrequencTea’s wellness and detox products promote natural healing and balance within the body. 

Shaneequewa personally recommends two of her best-sellers: the Full Body Detox Tea (available as the 14-day detox or 21-day detox) and shorter but powerful “Di Bittas.” Both are great ways to jumpstart and reset the body for the New Year. 

Shop all products from High FrequencTea here

4. Sofia & Grace vegan cookies

A hand holding a vegan red velvet cookie by Sofia & Grace
Sofia & Grace Vegans and non-vegans alike are sure to enjoy these sweet treats

Everyone loves a great cookie, and we all deserve to treat ourselves to delicious vegan bites all year round. As one of the favorites of Black VegFest, Sofia & Grace Cookie Company offers vegan cookies that are nothing short of heavenly.

Shalonda Vasquez founded Sofia & Grace in 2017, naming the shop after her twin daughters. Based in Brooklyn, the brand also offers international shipping (just contact the team). I know from personal experience that Sofia & Grace is truly next level. They put so much care into each cookie!  

For this holiday season, be sure to order the plant-based carrot cake cookie. Or, my personal favorite: the red velvet vegan cookie.

Visit the Sofia & Grace Cookie Company website to shop

5. Scott “Burnhard” Bernard – fitness coach

Vegan athletic coach Scott Bernard of Burnhard fitness
Burnhard Fitness Whatever your physical goals are, Burnhard Fitness is here to help

As the new year approaches, many of us tend to make fresh commitments to change our weight or improve our fitness.

With close to 500K subscribers on YouTube, NASM-certified fitness coach and host of Vegandale, Scott Bernard is one of the most committed trainers available to help get you where you want to be. 

Here in New York City, under the name Burnhard Fitness, Scott is known for his high-energy motivational workouts. And, his empathetic approach to fitness that is customized for each one of his clients.

Whether he is empowering a huge crowd at vegan festivals, leading outdoor Afrobeat Burnout classes, or offering one-on-one online workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home, Scott will meet you at your current fitness level. And, assist you in becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Follow Scott Burnhard on YouTube and visit his site today to book your session with him.

6. Vegan walnut meat by Hella Nuts

Two bags of ground vegan walnut meat by Hella Nuts
Hella Nuts Nutritious and delicious, walnut meat could be your new go-to meat alternative

Mother-daughter duo Chef Mieko Scott and Chef Kami Quiñones are making a name for themselves with their acclaimed plant-based restaurant in the Longfellow neighborhood of Oakland, California.

Now, their brand Hella Nuts sells a Dehydrated Walnut Meat that can be used for anything you would use ground beef for (why would we ever?). From tacos, bolognese pasta, handcrafted burgers, and meatloaf, the sky’s the limit to what you can create with this new vegan walnut meat.

Customers can also watch this awesome how-to video for best practices on preparing and using the walnut meat.

What I love most about this product is that it is 100 percent plant-based, soy-free, and non-GMO. Plus, walnuts are known to be heart healthy, rich in antioxidants, and provide the body with necessary omega-3s, according to Healthline

Visit the Hella Nuts website to shop all products

7. Vegan skincare by Black Girl Sunscreen

A woman holding a tube of vegan sunscreen by Black Girl Sunscreen
Black Girl Sunscreen Protect your skin year-round with Black Girl Sunscreen’s vegan products

Black Girl Sunscreen (BGS) is a vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious line of sunscreen products for everyday use. It’s made up of avocado, jojoba, and cacao. 

Created for women of color, founder Shontay Lundy developed an SPF 30 lotion that can be incorporated into your everyday skincare routine. The lotion helps reduce the risk of skin cancer, burning, discoloration, and wrinkles caused from the ultraviolet rays of our sun. 

For a short time, BGS is offering a holiday edition line of sunscreen products. But no matter the season, sunscreen is definitely the way to go each and every day.  

Visit the Black Girl Sunscreen site to shop

8. Vital Vegan sea moss

A man sitting in a boat on the ocean with freshly harvested vegan-friendly sea moss
Vital Vegan This superfood makes for a unique, thoughtful vegan-friendly gift

Two words: SEA MOSS (aka Irish moss). Mother Nature’s multivitamin, sea moss is well-known amongst the Caribbean and alkaline vegan community here. It contains 92 minerals and 12 vitamins (notably, calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium, vitamins A to E, and so much more).

Sea moss is known to treat anemia, boost energy, increase libido, treat thyroid disorder, boost the immune system, improve mental health, detoxify, and empower all of the bones and organs in the body. 

With that shared, you are probably thinking, “who, what, where, and how can I get my hands on the best quality sea moss?”. I’ve got you covered. Visit Vital Vegan’s site and order yours today. 

Why? Because Vital Vegan founder Vital Mikal and his team go out and dive for it! No other processes are involved (including machines, chemicals etc.) that may strip this amazing gift of nature of its nutrients. That said, it is arguable that Vital Vegan has the purest product on the market.

I share this detail because wild sea moss offers a lot more natural benefits than fake sea moss (and you can actually taste the difference). Grown naturally off the coasts of Jamaica, Vital Vegan’s wildcrafted sea moss is a non-perishable that can last up to one year in its dry form.

Add sea moss to your favorite drink or smoothie. And for tips on preparing sea moss gel, visit here.

Shop Vital Vegan for the regular or purple sea moss

**Disclaimer** Please reach out to your primary healthcare physician to make sure any internal or topical products you purchase are right for your body. These are holiday suggestions and in no way are meant to harm or disrupt your health in any way. 

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