Company Unveils ‘Revolutionary’ Machine That Makes Vegan Egg Yolks

Vegan eggs could help end the cruelty of current egg production


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Vegan egg yolks from Float Foods If you're new to veganism and missing egg, try this vegan egg yolk - Media Credit: Float Foods

Plant-based egg company Float Foods has received a top-tier Food Safety System Certification for its machine that produces vegan egg yolks.

Float Foods is maker of the popular OnlyEg range, which includes Eg Yolk and OnlyEg Patties.

Based in Singapore, the company has a facility capable of manufacturing the vegan eggs at commercial scale.

Vinita Choolani, Founder and CEO of Float Foods Pte Ltd, told Plant Based News: “The FSSC 22000 certification is not just a commitment to food safety; it is a testament to our company’s dedication to transforming the alternative egg production process. This aligns with our vision for a sustainable, scalable, ethical food system.”

Vegan egg yolks

Vegan egg yolk machine from Float Foods
Float Foods Float Foods has designed a machine to make vegan egg yolks

Float Foods has developed vegan egg yolks that mimic the taste and texture of the real thing but without inflicting a lifetime of suffering on billions of birds.

The company’s vegan eggs have yolks that ooze and whites with a bouncy and elastic texture.

These vegan-friendly egg alternatives can be eaten “raw.” They can also be used for a wide variety of culinary creations from noodles and pastries to mayonnaise and baked goods.

Is egg production cruel?

Vegans don’t eat eggs because of the cruelty that the industry causes hens.

In the US, and elsewhere, most hens raised for eggs live in battery cages, with each bird limited to a space no larger than an A4 sheet of paper. Earlier this month, a fire at an “egg-laying” hen barn killed several thousand birds.

In the wild, hens would typically lay one egg a month. Commercial hens have been bred to lay as many as 300 in a single year. This puts a massive strain on the birds’ bodies, resulting in immense suffering and early death.

The widespread uptake of vegan eggs could put an end to such cruelty.

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