Tinned ‘Fish’ Made From Vegetables Arrives At Whole Foods

Tinned vegan "snowcrab" and "whitefish" is coming to Whole Foods


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tinned vegan fish Seed to Surf showcases the amazingness of plants - Media Credit: Seed to Surf

Most plant-based tinned fish products are a vegan take on tuna. But, from today (June 12), plant-based tinned “snowcrab” and “smoked whitefish” will be available at Whole Foods stores across North America.

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Canadian company Seed to Surf makes its debut in a national retailer two years after its launch. Its snowcrab is made from enoki mushrooms and its whitefish is made from celery root.

“Tinned fish is truly having a moment right now, so it’s important for us to bring vegans, vegetarians and vegetable lovers to participate in the tinned fish trend,” Alex Bergquist, Seed to Surf co-founder, said in a statement. “We’re excited for Whole Foods to be a part of our growth as we reach more customers looking for plant-based options in store.”

Unprocessed “clean” ingredients

Seed to Surf platter
Seed to Surf Each tin contains a square of seaweed to give it extra ocean flavor

Seed to Surf’s products are made from whole vegetables, rather than vegan meat alternatives. They are also free of additives, gluten, and most common allergens. The company says it prides itself on its “clean ingredient deck.”

It describes its tinned fish as an “homage to vegetable and their incredible capacity to take on taste and texture” rather than a “seafood replica.”

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The snowcrab and smoked whitefish come in plastic-free, zero-waste packaging. At the bottom of each tin is a square of edible seaweed to add some ocean flavor. 

Seed to Surf’s tins are already on sale at hundreds of stores in North America. But its launch at Whole Foods marks its entry into a major chain store. This will make it more accessible to people looking to eat more sustainably.

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