Serena Williams And Jake Gyllenhaal Star In New TV Adverts For Vegan Eggs

Williams and Gyllenhaal have spoken out about the health and sustainability benefits of plant-based food


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Serena Williams in front of vegan JUST Egg products Serena Williams has placed her support behind vegan egg producers Eat Just - Media Credit: Sipa USA / Alamy Stock Photo / Plant Based News

Record-breaking tennis pro Serena Williams and Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal are the latest celebrities to promote the benefits of plant-based food, via a new campaign for JUST Egg.

Food-tech company Eat Just, creator of the vegan egg product, debuted two new television commercials as part of the campaign, starring Williams and Gyllenhaal respectively.

The adverts, narrated by actor JB Smoove, poke fun at the lengths celebrities go to in order to maintain their health and fitness. But with JUST Egg, the commercials suggest, eating healthily (and sustainably) is easy.

Like all plant-based foods, JUST Egg is completely free from cholesterol. It also contains 69 percent less saturated fat than chicken eggs, and boasts five to seven grams of protein per serving (depending on the product).

The eggs, made from mung beans, are also kinder to the planet. As of April, Eat Just had sold the equivalent of 250 million eggs, saving 9.1 billion gallons of water in the process.

It also spared 43.6 million kilograms of CO2e and 13,446 acres of land.

Celebrity endorsement

Speaking about the campaign, Williams said: “I eat to live, so JUST Egg helps me feel and perform better. But it’s also delicious – I don’t think my family can even taste the difference between JUST Egg and chicken eggs.

“I’m also all-in on the mission: how can we make healthy, sustainable options accessible to everyone?”

The athlete, who has 23 grand slam victories to her name, is also a shareholder in the company, something Williams says she’s “proud” of.

“JUST Egg is making a real difference,” she added.

Gyllenhaal – who has worked on near to 60 movies, including Donnie Darko and Nightcrawler – is also an investor in the brand.

“I’m excited to be partnering with JUST Egg,” he commented. “I’m eating more plant-based for my health, and JUST Egg makes it easy and delicious.

“I also recognize the impact our food system has on our planet, so JUST Egg’s mission is important to me. And, honestly, who can turn down being narrated by JB Smoove?”

The new ads will air on television in major markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. They will also appear nationwide on connected TV platforms and social media, while billboards of the collaborations will pop up in hard-to-miss locations.

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