Congress Is Getting Called Out for Climate Inaction (By Vegan Egg Sandwiches)

“You know it’s bad when eggs are begging Congress to act on climate change," reads a new billboard by Eat Just


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Eat Just's vegan egg sandwich food truck outside congress Eat Just is taking on the US government with its new ad campaign. - Media Credit: Eat Just

Since it was founded, Eat Just has sold the plant-based equivalent of 250 million eggs, saving more than 40 million kilograms of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere.

It’s a significant achievement, but it’s not enough to stop the climate crisis. We need governmental action for that. That’s why Eat Just, the creators of the vegan JUST Egg, is campaigning for the US government to do better.

Amid Earth Month (April), Eat Just has placed billboards around Washington DC, calling out Congress members for not doing enough to stop the climate crisis. One reads: “You know it’s bad when eggs are begging Congress to act on climate change.”

Another, placed on top of a food truck serving sandwiches made with JUST Egg, says: “These egg sandwiches are more effective against climate change than Congress. Sad.”

Vegan egg sandwiches get political

Eat Just’s sandwiches take aim at specific members of Congress, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The Republican infamously fled his home state for Mexico last year during a storm disaster that left millions without any power or water. Hence why his sandwich was named “Ted Cruz’s Cancun Vacation.” (If you’re wondering what that tastes like, the filling is made up of vegan egg, dairy-free pepper jack cheese, spinach, and chipotle aioli.)

Research suggests that climate breakdown increases the risk of intense and destructive weather events. Last year, the US experienced 20 costly, damaging, and deadly extreme weather events, including Texas’ winter storm, wildfires, drought, floods, and cyclones. Without action, this will get worse. But Congress isn’t moving fast enough, environmentalists argue.

Egging Congress

In an attempt to get the US government to move faster, Eat Just isn’t only selling vegan egg sandwiches and putting up adverts. It’s also calling on people to write to lawmakers via its website and urge those in power in their area to do more to pass climate crisis measures.

One of the brands’ billboards refers to the Build Back Better Act. The bill, which would help to advance climate initiatives and is a key part of President Biden’s climate policy, has not yet made its way through Congress.

Eat Just’s CEO Josh Tetrick told Adweek: “Protecting our planet requires more than just personal choices about the food we eat or the cars we drive—it requires policymakers and citizens to press for fundamental policy changes.”

Find out more about the campaign, called Egging Congress, here.

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