Reading Time: 2 minutes 'If you’re thinking about becoming vegan, you can make the shift in small waves if that’s easier for you' Credit: Instagram
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Kourtney Kardashian has shared a vegan ‘What I Eat In A Day’ with her 121 million Instagram followers.

The reality TV star described her diet as 95 percent vegan in a recent blog post for Poosh – her online lifestyle brand. 

Kourtney Kardashian vegan ‘What I Eat In A Day’

“If you’re thinking about becoming vegan, you can make the shift in small waves if that’s easier for you,” the blog reads.

“Start by replacing meat with plant-based options once a week and increase from there. 

“Kourt admits when she first started, she couldn’t resist and had a baked crab handroll while at dinner during the first few weeks. 

“It’s all about balance and finding how and when you’re comfortable with incorporating the changes into your lifestyle.”

The blog post also says that Kourtney is passionate about the environmental impacts of eating less meat – and has been ‘easing into’ a plant-heavy diet for the past six-seven months. 

Kourtney’s vegan go-to breakfasts include an avocado shake, banana smoothie, blueberry bagel with peanut butter and jelly, acai bowls, or vegan chicken and waffles from LA eatery Crossroads. 

For midday snacks, the celeb likes to graze on pickles, tangerines, or Mind Right bars. 

At lunch, Kourtney sometimes opts for zoodles (noodles made from zucchini) alongside sourdough bread with dairy-free butter, pickles, and a side of tangerines.

Plant-based tacos made using Beyond Meat is one of the star’s go-to dinner options, as well as vegan sushi from acclaimed restaurant Nobu.


Although Kourtney is not 100 percent vegan, she has hinted that she’ll no longer eat fish or seafood after watching Seaspiracy

The star posted a story of the film, produced by Cowspiracy’s Kip Andersen, last month.

She wrote: “Watching Seaspiracy… I haven’t eaten meat in a few months at all but was still eating a little fish. But after watching this…”

You can read Kourtney’s full vegan What I Eat In A Day blog post here

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