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Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian is hinting that she’ll no longer eat fish after watching Seaspiracy.

The celeb posted a story of the film, produced by Cowspiracy’s Kip Andersen, to her 115 million Instagram followers.

Kourtney Kardashian

She wrote: “Watching Seaspiracy… I haven’t eaten meat in a few months at all but was still eating a little fish. But after watching this…”

Last month, Kourtney said her sister’s plant-based lifestyle is ‘rubbing off on her’. She made the comment while sharing Kim Kardashian’s recipe for plant-based Eggplant Parmesan.

What is Seaspiracy about?

Seaspiracy sheds light on the ‘war being waged’ on the world’s oceans – delving into the fishing industry’s environmental impacts on marine life.

“This film will radically transform the way we think and act on ocean conservation forever,” the documentary’s team said.

“It’s time we focus our ecological and ethical concerns on our seas and its inhabitants. This is a new era for how we treat the most important habitat on earth.”

Seaspiracy has attracted global media attention…

Attitudes towards seafood

Seaspiracy has received a flurry of support from celebrities, has garnered global media attention, and appears to be changing peoples’ perception of seafood.

Leading publication Vogue – who has long promoted fish as a ‘sustainable’ ingredient – declared the film ‘will change your thoughts on seafood forever’. 

Similarly, UK news giant Metro published a list of vegan alternatives to seafood in an article headlined: “Did Seaspiracy put you off fish?”

The fishing industry blasted Seaspiracy before it was even released…

According to Google Trends, worldwide searches for the term ‘vegan seafood’ have soared over the last 12 months – with a significant increase in the past week. This coincides with the Netflix launch of Seaspiracy

The United States has shown the most interest in vegan seafood – with a 100 percent increase over the last year. Australia follows second with an 83 percent surge – and the UK with a 45 percent increase.

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