WATCH: ‘Let Us Be Heroes – The True Cost Of Our Food Choices’

The documentary aims to empower people to make positive, impactful changes


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A plate of vegan food sitting on a table outside What we eat has a far-reaching impact - on ourselves, others, and the planet - Media Credit: Adobe Stock

Let Us Be Heroes – The True Cost Of Our Food Choices is a 2018 documentary that looks at the health and environmental impact of our diets and lifestyle choices.

“We all want to be healthy. We all want to protect the planet and we all want to be kind. Yet today we are facing a health crisis, an environmental crisis, and an ethical crisis affecting people and the economy,” the film’s synopsis reads.

But how much difference can one individual make?

Directed by Rebecca Cappelli and Abhi Anchliya, Let Us Be Heroes shares the stories of athletes, entrepreneurs, activists, and experts in the food and fashion scenes, among others, in a bid to empower people to make positive changes.

“We are the leaders of the world we want to live in,” filmmakers wrote. “Let us be heroes.”

Watch the vegan documentary on the Plant Based News YouTube channel below:

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