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Jammie Dodgers are suitable for vegans again, following a recipe tweak, according to FoodBev, with the new recipe hitting shelves from July 13.

The iconic British biscuits used to be an accidentally-vegan favorite, until the brand changed its recipe in 2016 to add milk protein.

The news was so unpopular that a petition was launched demanding the removal of the milk protein. Despite several thousand people signing, the new recipe remained in place – until now.

‘Just as good’

Announcing the news on Instagram, a post about the biscuits said: “NEWS FLASH. Now EVERYONE can enjoy Jammie Dodgers. Our new recipe, tastes just as good but is now 100% plant-based.

“Vegans rejoice and tag a pal that will defo want a pack below! You’ll find our vegan-friendly biscuits in stores throughout July, sporting a darker colored design and logo glow (fancy marketing term).”

The post is accompanied by a video showing the difference between the old packs (with the recipe containing milk) and the new vegan-friendly packs. Checking the ingredients listing is highly recommended if you’re not sure.

‘We listened to our fans’

Kate Needham, marketing director at Burtons Biscuits, said: “We have listened to our biscuit fans and are pleased to announce that we’ve moved once again to a dairy-free recipe.

“Family fun is at the Jammie heart of our brand, so it’s important to us that the whole family – and families of all lifestyles – can share a pack. Thanks to the new recipe, we’re happy that will now be more possible.

“But that’s not all, with our household classic seeing a surge in popularity, you can expect to see lots more fun and mischief coming from the UK’s favourite Jammie biscuit brand going forwards.”