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Starbucks Indonesia has expanded its vegan range by adding two new options to its menu: a plant-based meatball sandwich and a vegan chocolate raspberry cake.

It’s the first time the major coffee chain has offered a vegan sandwich at its Indonesian locations.

Local brand Green Rebel makes the plant-based meat with non-GMO soy protein. The sandwich includes vegan barbecue sauce and onions.

Starbucks Indonesia collaborated with Green Rebel in February, too. Together the companies introduced vegan beef at 57 locations, mostly in Bali and Jakarta. Starbucks featured the meat in three vegetarian items: Focaccia Bread, Sloppy Joes, and Wellington Pockets.

Vegan food in Indonesia

Starbucks isn’t the first to adjust its menus to cater to Indonesia’s rising demand for plant-based food. Earlier this year, Burger King Indonesia rolled out its Plant-Based Whopper burger.

And in 2018, a San Francisco-based vegan burger chain announced plans to launch in Indonesia. The company, called VeganBurg, spoke to Plant Based News about the decision.

VeganBurg’s CEO Alex Tan said: “Expanding into the rest of South East Asia was a natural fit based on the region’s love for sustainability and the desire for a more plant-based dining experience.”

Starbucks’ new vegan options are available at 460 locations in Indonesia

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