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Comedy duo The Dolan Twins are partnering with a fast-food chain to debut a vegan milkshake – with proceeds going to Earthling Ed’s animal sanctuary

Grayson and Ethan Dolan have teamed up with Monty’s Good Burger – an LA-based chain that has received celeb approval from Hailey Bieber and Joaquin Phoenix. 

The vegan shake is available until April 1.

The Dolan Twins

Speaking about the launch, The Dolan Twins said: “We’re very excited to tell you that a portion of the proceeds of this shake is going to our friend Earthling Ed’s animal sanctuary in the UK…

“It’s honestly the best milkshake on the menu there… And it helps the animals.”

Earthling Ed’s animal sanctuary 

Last year, Earthling Ed (aka Ed Winters) exclusively revealed to PBN that he is opening an animal sanctuary.

The Midlands-based sanctuary is run by Surge – the vegan advocacy collective of which Winters is co-director / co-founder.

Moreover, Winters said: “In September 2018, a small group of us opened up a non-profit vegan restaurant in London called Unity Diner. 

“Through opening the restaurant we wanted to show off how delicious vegan food is. But, at the same time, also use the money generated to open up an animal sanctuary.

“Two years later it feels amazing to say that we have successfully managed to do just that. And, we’re so thrilled that the Surge Sanctuary is now a reality.”

Liam Giliver

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