Kids Confused By Burger King’s Vegan Chicken In New Advert

Burger King has unveiled a new commercial advertising its plant-based chicken


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A child eating vegan chicken with her dad in a Burger King "confusing times" advert The child asks if vegan chicken "counts like a vegetable" in the advert - Media Credit: Burger King

A new advert that sees kids get confused by the concept of vegan chicken has been released to promote Burger King’s meat-free range

The commercial is the third installment in Burger King’s “Confusing Times” campaign. The campaign puts the “confusing” thoughts of the population front and center – and the latest focuses on those of children.

The 80-second film, directed by David Madrid, is promoting Burger King’s plant-based menu, including the meat-free Long Chicken sandwich. It sees kids ask questions like “Is a cookie jar still a cookie jar if there are no cookies in it?” and “why did dad spend all this money on a car if only the front windows open?”.

Towards the end of the ad, a child’s voice says: “It’s all a little confusing these days, my friends. The perfect days to try Burger King’s Plant-Based Long Chicken that dad says tastes exactly like… A Long Chicken.” The child then asks: “Does this count like a vegetable?”

The ad is currently airing in Latin America. It will reportedly be adapted for other countries and released globally at a later date.

Burger King goes plant-based

The outside of a plant-based Burger King branch
Burger King Burger King has been increasingly catering to vegans

The advert comes amid a rapid expansion of Burger King’s plant-based options across the world. 

“This year’s campaign is coming back to the origin of Burger King’s leap in the plant-based segment, which started with the plant-based Whopper and has been steadily expanding ever since,” Sabrina Ferretti, Burger King’s Head of International Marketing, said in a statement. 

“With Colombia adding the plant-based Long Chicken and Nuggets, and countries in Europe offering most of their sandwiches and nuggets with plant-based alternatives, we’re covering everything right down to the plant-based Whopper Jr. This chapter of Confusing Times does a great job of renewing the platform while serving more guests’ needs.” 

Burger King is arguably the mainstream fast food restaurant doing the most to embrace plant-based eating. In the UK, for example, it is aiming to make 50 percent of its menu meat-free by 2030. 

The chain has also established a number of temporary all-vegan restaurants in a number of countries. The first of these was in London, England, and there have since been openings in Israel, Denmark, and Portugal

Burger King vegan menu

A Burger King advert promoting its La Vie vegan bacon burger with plant-based meat
Burger King/La Vie Burger King recently added vegan bacon to its menu in the UK

The chain’s plant-based options vary depending on where you are in the world. The Plant-Based Whopper and Chicken Royale are regular additions, but these are sometimes made on the same grill as meat or with non-vegan sauces. You should always check with your server before ordering. 

Other meat-free menu items include nuggets, Plant Based Bakon King, and Vegan Royale With Cheeze and Bakon.

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