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Beyond Meat Partners KFC China To Launch Plant-Based Version Of Famous Beef Wrap

The Plant-Based Spicy Beef Wrap contains no cholesterol and a staggering 12.8 grams of protein...


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Beyond Meat Partners KFC China The Plant-Based Spicy Beef Wrap is available in more than 2,600 outlets - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission.
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Beyond Meat is partnering with KFC China to launch a plant-based version of the chain’s famous beef wrap. 

The Plant-Based Spicy Beef Wrap is available in more than 2,600 outlets across 28 different cities. 

It features vegan Beyond Meat with lettuce, tomato salad, and mayonnaise, all wrapped in a crispy tortilla and soft wheat tortilla combo exterior*. 

The pentagonal-shaped wrap contains no cholesterol and 12.8 grams of plant-based protein. Beyond says it ‘still delivers the succulent mouthfeel and delicious flavor similar to that of beef that fans have come to expect’.

KFC China

Ivy Xu is the Brand and PR Director at Beyond Meat China. She said: “We’re honored to be KFC China’s chosen partner to introduce the first plant-based meat version of the Spicy Beef Wrap. [It’s] one of their most iconic and popular menu offerings to consumers.

“As people continue to seek ways to incorporate plant-based protein into the meals they love… We’re confident that KFC guests will enjoy the delicious taste of the Plant-Based Spicy Beef Wrap just as much as the original and will be excited by the added nutritional and environmental benefits of Beyond Meat.”

Beyond Chicken

Last month, reports that Beyond is launching vegan chicken took the internet by storm. 

Bloomberg reports the company is informing customers the meat-free chicken will launch this summer. The publication says the information comes from anonymous people familiar with the company.

No further details have been announced. However, in 2019, CEO Ethan Brown said there will be ‘exciting things’ happening with the company within the poultry space.

*Customers can opt for no mayonnaise and should check with staff to see if the dish is vegan-friendly

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