Reading Time: < 1 minute 'Being earth-conscious means more than just utilizing responsibly sourced materials' Credit: Vans
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Cult brand Vans is launching a vegan-friendly ‘Earth conscious’ sneaker range. 

The American skateboard and shoe company has debuted its Eco Theory capsule in the US.

Vegan Vans

It features four of the brand’s best-selling sneakers, including its iconic checkered slip-ons and 38 Decon hightops. Prices start from $65.

All sneakers feature an organically grown cotton canvas – made from natural seeds and without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals – as well as water-based inks and glues.

The collection also features hemp laces – a natural fiber that is ‘durable, anti-microbial, and manages water’.

Vans says this requires less water and acreage to grow, is a pesticide-resistant crop, and extracts metals from the soil.

Moreover, the well-known rubber compound has also been updated to remove 100 percent of petroleum-based/fossil fuel rubber – replacing it with natural rubber.


“Being earth-conscious means more than just utilizing responsibly sourced materials,” Vans said. 

“It means taking a holistic approach to health and sustainability. 

“These key values are the guiding principles in crafting this collection, with the goal being to make a more thoughtful product from the ground up.”

Vans pro surfer Dane Gudauskas announced the launch.

According to Hypebeast, he said: “Sustainability has to be at the forefront of Vans for the future. 

“It’s a fantastic moment to own the space and contribute to a more sustainable way of producing.”

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