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Ahh Christmas, that time of year where we sit down with families to eat, drink, gift and generally be merry.

Yet, us vegans often miss out on the full festive joy at the hands of difficult debates aboard the dinner table.

We do it because we care about the vegan movement, from standing up for the millions of slaughtered turkeys and beyond.

And Christmas is another opportunity to hail the vegan movement, no matter how difficult.

But it can still be hard, especially over the holidays.

So, here are our top memes to flash in the faces of your non-vegan family, or to simply enjoy peacefully so you can smile through it all.

1. Serving looks

2. (Can’t complain.)

Just not Bailey’s, okay?

3. We salute you, we support you

Hold on, for Veganuary is right around the corner…

4. Get primed and ready for those Christmas dinner debates

Nope, it’s not “normal milk.”

5. (In a vegan leather bag, obvs)

6. Poison them all with vegan sausages

Emily is a News and Features Writer for Plant Based News. She has previously worked as a journalist in Devon, UK, reporting on local issues from politics to the environment.