Tabitha Brown Fronts Food Network’s First Vegan Cooking Show

The US actor and social media personality is hosting new show "It’s CompliPlated"


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Tabitha Brown walking on the red carpet at Essence 15th Annual Black Women in Hollywood Awards Tabitha Brown at the Essence 15th Annual Black Women in Hollywood Awards - Media Credit: Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

Food Network has unveiled its first-ever vegan cooking show, It’s CompliPlated, hosted by internationally adored vegan foodie Tabitha Brown.

The show will take a unique approach to encourage dietary inclusivity at every table. 

Each episode will see four contestants cook for celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan and a panel of guest judges. The panel will have a range of dietary needs that must be catered to. But only plant-based food will be served.

The idea behind the format is to replicate the tricky nature of cooking for a family filled with different tastes and needs.

It’s CompliPlated reflects what it’s actually like to make a meal the whole family will love—it’s not easy to make one dish for everyone and this series makes it fun,” said Jane Latman, president of Home & Food Content and Streaming for Warner Bros. Discovery (Food Network’s parent company). 

Tabitha Brown: the natural choice for presenter

Rising to fame through online content creation, Brown has more than eight million followers across her social media channels. 

Tuning in for vegan news and relatable humor, her fans found her thanks to a viral video posted on Facebook in December 2017. In it, Brown, then an Uber driver, waxed lyrical about a tempeh sandwich she bought from Whole Foods.

The energetic video kickstarted her career as a vegan influencer. It also earned the TTLA (tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce, and avocado) sandwich a permanent spot on the Whole Foods menu.

Brown switched to a plant-based diet in 2017. She credits the documentary What the Health with setting her off on a personal 30-day vegan challenge. This became her permanent lifestyle. The online personality claims that the switch helped her to combat depression and chronic pain.

Her rise to prominence, bolstered by regular cooking posts on social channels, has led to two book deals. Her latest work Cooking from the Spirit will hit shelves in late October. 

Brown’s first book Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business) became a number one New York Times bestseller. 

Speaking about the decision to hire Brown as It’s CompliPlated’s host, Latman commented:  “Tabitha Brown’s energy, sense of humor, and real-life journey to becoming vegan make her the perfect host to take us on this adventure.”

What can viewers expect?

Brown will bring her trademark good-natured high-energy personality to the Food Network’s inaugural vegan show.

The series will cover a range of themes and concepts, including gluten-free, southern-style cooking, and social media-worthy produce composition challenges. Each is designed to show the flexibility and appeal of plant-based food for the whole family.

“Becoming vegan changed my life and the way I cook—and I know folks can relate to the daily challenge of making the whole family happy with one meal, so we decided to make a game of it,” Brown said in a statement.

“These chefs cook from the heart and their food is mind-blowing—viewers are sure to have a blast and be inspired for their next family dinner.”

The first episode of It’s CompliPlated premiered on Thursday, August 11. The show airs every week at 10 pm on ET. 

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