Reading Time: 2 minutes The star has attracted millions of followers since posting her vegan recipes on TikTok Credit: Instagram
Reading Time: 2 minutes

TikTok star Tabitha Brown has hinted she’s ‘working on’ a vegan cookbook. 

The CAA-repped actor went viral earlier this year after her carrot ‘bacon’ recipe garnered millions of views. Since, she has appeared on a slew of T.V programs such as The Ellen Show and Home Family.

‘Working on a Lil something’

When asked by one of her followers if she already has a cookbook published, Brown replied: ‘Working on a Lil something’. 

The star did not provide any further details. However, several fans said they ‘can’t wait’ for the release. 

‘What the Health’

Initially, Brown switched to a plant-based diet for health reasons. She had been suffering with pain in the back of her neck. It had spread into her head, giving her a debilitating headache which lasted over a year and a half.

Brown says she ‘felt like [she] was dying’ because of the relentless pain and fatigue, but she tried to act as normally as possible, and carry on with her life.

It wasn’t until she discovered plant-based health documentary What the Health that she found a solution to her problems.

“My daughter came home from school one day and she said, ‘Mom, we saw this documentary at school and I think you should watch it,” she told Goodful.

“It was What The Health. My husband and I, we all sat down together, we watched it. I was like, ‘Oh, wow, this is very interesting’.”

They decided to do a 30-day vegan challenge as a family – with astonishing results.

“On day 10 my headaches went away,” Brown revealed. “I remember walking through my kitchen and I was like, my head ain’t hurting. I started feeling better from that day and started getting my energy back… On day 29, I told my husband, ‘I think this is my path, I’m going vegan.’”

Plant Based News has contacted Tabitha Brown for comment 

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