Anti-Vegan Sausage ‘Expert’ Unknowingly Declares Meat Alternative ‘Luscious And Lovely’

Mike Parry was confident he'd chosen the 'meat' sausage


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'Sausage expert' Mike Parry on the Jeremy Vine Show He described the vegan sausage as "luscious and lovely" - Media Credit: Channel 5

Self-proclaimed sausage aficionado Mike Parry was left red-faced after being tricked into praising a vegan meat alternative.

Frequently vocal about his disdain for vegan food, Parry appeared on the Jeremy Vine show on November 8. He was there to argue that vegan sausages should not be named as such, due to their lack of meat.

Following a lengthy and impassioned rant about plant-based meat, Parry was asked to undertake a sausage sandwich taste test.

Presented with two plates, Parry was asked by Vine to identify the vegan sausage. Having taken a bite of each, he announced with absolute certainty, and a mouth still full of food, that he knew which was the imposter.

“It is absolutely obvious to me that this first one is the false sausage. That is not real sausage. That is cardboard,” he announced with glee.

“The second one is clearly real sausage. I can taste the meat in it. It was luscious and lovely – tastes like the one I had this morning. This is the winner,” Parry concluded, proudly holding his choice aloft.

It then transpired that both sandwiches had been filled with meat-free sausages. Vine teased his guest, accusing him of being a “vegan in disguise.” Parry then attempted to backtrack on his praise for the vegan dish, saying it was actually “almost cardboard.”

Sausage expert Mike Parry eating vegan sausage on the Jeremy Vine show
Channel 5 Parry has been vocal about his disdain for vegan food

Who is Mike Parry?

Parry is a British journalist. He has previously written for The Sun, and is now known for his regular incendiary commentary on British culture

Along with Jeremy Clarkson, another The Sun alumnus, Parry has particularly taken aim at vegans and supported bans on “meaty” terminology being used to describe plant-based products.

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