Vegan Ultra-Runner Outlasts Fully Charged Tesla

The athlete successfully out-distanced a fully charged Tesla Model 3 driven at an average speed of 65mph


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robbie balenger running in front of a tesla model 3 car Balenger covered the 242 mile distance in 77 hours. - Media Credit: Robbie Balenger

In a grueling race of man against machine, Robbie Balenger, an ultra-runner known for competing in unique races, recently went up against a Tesla Model 3 electric car in a first-of-its-kind endurance race.

Both Balenger and the Tesla began at the same starting point approximately 250 miles outside of Austin, Texas. The vehicle was driven until its fully charged battery gave out at an average speed of 65 mph, and set a race distance of 242 miles. 

Balenger then followed the exact same route as the Tesla, fighting against extreme heat, elevation changes, and minimal sleep, and was able to beat the vehicle by 100 feet in just under 77 hours.

“Initially, the goal was to beat the Tesa’s distance in 72 hours – in the ultra community, a respectable time for finishing a 100-mile race is 24 hours, so I was giving myself 3x that – however, three straight days of unrelenting 90+ degree weather killed that plan,” shared Balenger. 

Running exclusively on plants

As a plant-based athlete, Balenger is passionate about pushing his body and mind to the very limits in order to promote the benefits of eating plant-based. He also credits his vegan diet for letting him go the distance for the various mammoth challenges that he sets for himself.  

“I have two key considerations when it comes to my diet: environmentalism and performance – and Tesla excels at both. Outlasting a Tesla has been the longest single effort I have undertaken to date,” adds Balenger. 

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