The Compact Nama J3 Juicer Is Perfect For Small Kitchens

Juicing just got a whole lot more convenient


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A woman making a homemade juice with a compact Nama J3 juicer Nama has unveiled its newest juicer - Media Credit: Nama

Nama has just unveiled its latest launch – the compact and powerful J3 Cold Press Juicer. 

The new juicer is smaller than previous releases, and Nama says it’s perfect for travel, making juice on the go, and smaller spaces. 

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For those who are keen to start juicing, one of the common obstacles of buying a conventional juicer is their size. They tend to take up a huge amount of room, and not everyone can fit them in their kitchens. Following public demand for a compact juicer, Nama unveiled the J3. 

When we tried out the new juicer, we were most excited by the prospect of it using less space. We are huge fans of the larger J2 Cold Press Juicer at Plant Based News (PBN), but know its size can be off putting for some. The J3 fitted perfectly – and much more subtly – in our kitchen, and it was just as powerful as the J2. 

The J3 is 15.4 inches in height, with a volume of 34 ounces. As well as being small, it’s also lightweight, coming in at 9.7 pounds. It has a juice yield of 16 ounces (which is a single serving), meaning it’s best for individuals, rather than families. 

Juicing on the go

A close up of a compact Nama J3 juicer with fruit in it
Nama The J3 is more compact than its predecessor

As well as fitting into small spaces, we also discovered that the J3 is also ideal for travel. If you’re a fan of juice, you may have run into the trap of spending large sums of money buying takeaway juices while on the go – but with the J3, you can transport it around to make them yourself. Whether you’re planning a holiday, business trip, or visiting friends and family, the juicer will fit easily into your suitcase. 

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“I’ve got into the habit of making a juice first thing in the morning, and have always missed doing this when going on trips,” said PBN founder Klaus Mitchell. “I was pleasantly surprised to see that the J3 is small enough to fit into my suitcase, meaning I can now take it with me wherever I go. I’m really looking forward to taking it on my summer holiday this year.”

Why Nama?

A close up of a compact Nama J3 juicer with fruit in it
Nama Juicing is an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet

Here at PBN, we got into juicing for two key reasons. The first was that we wanted to get more fruits and vegetables in our diets, and the second that we just simply love the taste of juice. 

Despite the benefits of drinking fresh homemade juice, we had always been put off by the huge amount of effort we always thought juicing took. Doesn’t it make a huge amount of mess, and surely the juicer takes ages to clean? And what about all that pulp?

When we were first introduced to Nama, we were amazed by how easy and hassle free juicing becomes with this product. 

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The juicer allows you to simply add all the ingredients for the juice you’re making, then switch it on and walk away. When you return, your juice will be ready and waiting for you. Nama juicers are also more efficient than average, yielding 60 percent more juice from leafy greens and 30 percent from other produce. 

Those of you who’ve heard horror stories about bits of pulp getting stuck into the machine don’t need to worry – the NAMA juicers are far easier to clean than conventional machines. We also found that the J3 was even better than the J2 in this regard, as its small size made cleaning it out even quicker. When taking it apart and cleaning it at the end of a trip, it was disassembled and in our suitcase in under 10 minutes. 

How to buy the Nama J3 juicer, and what to expect

The J3 juicer is available to buy online now. It costs USD $450, and comes with a 15 year warranty.

Your new juicer comes with a juice recipe guide, meaning you won’t be left in the dark about how to get started on juicing. The parts included are a motor base, juicing chamber set, smoothie strainer, containers for juicing, and cleaning brush. 

Buy the juicer here using the discount code PBN10.

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