What Is Batch Juicing? How The Nama Juicer Takes The Hassle Out Of Healthy Living

Tempted to try juicing but worried you don’t have the time? Let us introduce to you: batch juicing


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A woman using her NAMA juicer to back juice Never tried batch juicing? This is your sign to try - Media Credit: NAMA

For many people, the idea of starting a juicing habit might seem overwhelming. While most of us are keen to get more fruits and vegetables in our diets, the time it takes to prepare and clean a juicer can be off-putting to those who are already struggling with their busy schedules.

Thankfully, NAMA has offered a solution to this problem. You’ve heard about batch cooking, but what about batch juicing?

Plant Based News (PBN) recently tried out NAMA’s new accessories for our J2 juicer. We found that the new accessories make it easier to batch juice, which helped us to enjoy juice as part of our daily routine. 

What is batch juicing?

Batch juicing refers to making juice from scratch at home in advance. While many people make just one juice at a time, batch juicing allows you to make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge. 

While you might be concerned that cooking juice in batches may sacrifice its quality, we found that this was not a problem if we stored it in the right way (using NAMA’s specially designed bottles – more on them later). By batch juicing, we were able to drink one juice a day, with only three days of juicing. 

The new NAMA accessories

Large Hopper

A woman making juice with a NAMA juicer
NAMA The Large Hopper enables you to make 36 ounces of juice at a time

The first accessory we tried out was the Large Hopper, which fits with NAMA’s J2 Juicer. This is perfect for families, as its 105-ounce capacity means it fits 35 more ounces of fruits and vegetables than the standard hopper. To make things even easier, you can just fill it up and walk away – returning to 36 ounces of juice. 

Large Pitcher Set 

NAMA has also released the Large Pitcher Set. This includes a 100-ounce pitcher, custom fit strainer, spatula, tight sealing lit, and a larger pulp catcher. As well as being large, it’s also light and compact, and is specially made to complement the J2 Juicer. According to NAMA, there is no other pitcher and strainer on the market that allows you to juice, strain, and store all in one. 

Storage and To-Go Bottles

NAMA juicer glass bottles filled with batch juice
NAMA The glass bottles can be easily kept in your fridge

The third new accessory is its glass bottles. These allow you to store your batches of juice in the fridge and keep the juice’s quality. There are two size options: a set of four 17-ounce bottles, or a 25-ounce bottle. They have been specially designed for storing juice, and their sleek and simple design didn’t take up too much of our fridge space. 

Citrus Made Easy 

The fourth and final new accessory is the Citrus Attachment. It’s specially made for citrus fruits, and can be attached to the J2 juicer. All you need to do is cut your fruit in half and let the rotating reamer and juicer take over. 

“I already used my NAMA J2 Cold Press Juicer multiple times a week, and these new accessories have allowed me to more easily make batches and start every day with a juice,” says PBN founder Klaus Mitchell. “The bottles fit perfectly in my fridge, and everything is compact enough to be stored easily in the cupboard. 


Getting fruits and vegetables into your diet is vital for health, and the NAMA juicer allows you to do this with ease. For some people, eating these foods can be a chore, but juicing enables you to pack in many of them in one go. 

You can buy juices in shops, but these tend to be expensive (and also may have added ingredients). By investing in a high quality juicer, you can easily get into a routine of juicing, without the high costs. There are many juicers on the market, but many are clunky, hard to clean, and time consuming. 

We at PBN have been using our NAMA juicer for years, and have found that they stand out from the rest. It’s easy to use, powerful, and doesn’t clutter up our kitchen like previous juicers we’ve used. It’s also easy to clean (gone are the days of picking out bits of pulp from the bottom of the machine..). 

One of our favorite things about the J2 is its efficiency. It yields up to 60 percent more juice from leafy greens than some of its competitors, as well as around 30 percent more from other produce. The J2 Cold Press Juicer already saved us time, effort, and money for juicing, and these four new accessories have made our lives even easier.  

Buy the NAMA Juicer collection here. Use code NAMAPBN10 for a 10 percent discount. 

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