3 Ways to Support Vegan Charities This Giving Tuesday (That Won’t Cost You a Penny)

If you want to help animals on Giving Tuesday next week, here's what you need to know


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Early Black Friday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday… it’s exhausting. 

You can almost hear the global sigh of relief when Giving Tuesday comes around and most of the relentless email promotions end. 

Giving Tuesday follows the infamous Cyber Monday, and this year it falls on November 28. Over the last few years, it has grown into a massive movement that encourages people to embrace the spirit of generosity and contribute to various charitable causes. 

And if you have the means, it’s a great opportunity to give. 

But if you spent all your money on a new TV and skis during Black Friday like I did, or if you prefer to give your time and energy instead of money, here are three impactful ways you can support vegan charities or causes this Giving Tuesday without spending a penny. 

1) Volunteer at a Farm Sanctuary 

AI-generated image of sheeps at an animal sanctuary looking at the camera
PBN (image generated with Midjourney) Animal sanctuaries around the world need your help

Farm sanctuaries are safe havens for rescued farmed animals, providing them with the love and care they deserve after experiencing a lifetime of exploitation. 

Sanctuaries need financial support to run, but most also offer volunteer opportunities, which can be as eye-opening as it is helpful. 

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Find a local farm sanctuary. While not complete, this farm sanctuary directory is a great place to start. 
  2. Inquire about how you can help. Every sanctuary will have different needs. And while farm chores may be on that list, other needs may be more suited to your expertise, like event planning, community outreach and advocacy, social media support, etc.
  3. Recruit your friends. It’s always more fun to volunteer with others, and you can amplify your impact by recruiting friends or family to come along with you. 

2) Organize a Local Vegan Outreach Event

Getting involved in a local vegan charity or group is not only a great way to grow the movement, it’s also a fun way to meet new people and communities. 

How you do that will depend entirely on where you live and what’s available, but here are a few examples of how you could get involved: 

Flier for an activist organization like PETA

Contact organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to inquire about distributing informational flyers in your area. These activites organization frequently produces eye-catching and informative materials that can help educate people about animal rights and the benefits of veganism.

Help Organize a Vegfest

If your community hosts a Vegfest or similar event, consider joining the organization team. It’s likely all volunteer-based, so chances are they are looking for additional help. 

Organize a Vegan Drinks Meet-up

In most cities, it’s usually not hard to find a vegan running or social club. One of my favorites in the Washington DC area was Vegan Drinks, which is a social group that meets in cities all over the world. 

If you don’t have a group like this where you live, consider starting one! This type of community-driven group can lead to growth in the movement and support for those new to a plant-based diet. 

Partner with Vegan Charities

Collaborate with vegan charities like Mercy For Animals, The Humane League, or Viva! to amplify your outreach efforts. They can provide resources, materials, and guidance to make your events successful.

Or if you’re in the UK, consider supporting vegan charities such as The Vegan Society, Animal Aid, or Veganuary.

3) Donate a Vegan Meal to Kids in Need with Complement

The vegan nutrition company, Complement, has partnered with Food for Life to provide plant-based meals to kids in need around the world. 

Food for Life partners with local organizations to feed over 1 million people plant-based meals per day. But to keep up that momentum, it needs support. 

To help, Complement has committed to donating a meal for anyone that signs up to join the campaign through its website. 

It’s completely free to join, with zero commitments on your part, but can have a big impact on helping those that need it most. 

Click here to donate a free vegan meal.

Bonus: Donate Leftover Canned Goods or Veggies to Your Local Food Bank

While this one isn’t technically free, chances are you won’t have to spend any additional money. 

As you celebrate various holidays this year, you may have leftover canned goods, veggies, or uncooked beans. 

Consider donating these items to your local food bank, even if that food bank isn’t exclusively vegan, to help make a tangible positive impact on the health and nutrition of your community.

Go Beyond Giving Tuesday 

Even if Giving Tuesday isn’t the right time, keep these opportunities in the back of your mind. 

By volunteering to support animals, outreach, or local food banks, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals, children in need, and your community — all while staying true to your vegan values. 

And be sure to check out Complement’s vegan meal donation campaign. The brand is committed to donating meals for anyone who signs up through this Christmas, making it an easy, free way to make a difference today.

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