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New £30 Million Fund Aims To Support Plant-Based Growth And Change The Food System

Sentient Ventures will help plant-based companies scale and grow


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Veganuary founder Matthew Glover is heading up a new £30 million impact fund for vegan businesses.

Former investment banker Alexandra Clark and MVK Group founder Manish Karani are fellow founders of the new fund, called Sentient Ventures. The trio has a wealth of experience. Together, they have advised more than 30 investments into plant-based companies, like vegan chicken brand VFC and pizza chain Purezza.

Sentient Ventures will focus on providing early growth stage capital to companies that are ready to scale up production and expand their reach.

Changing the food system

The main mission of the new impact fund is to accelerate a change in the food system. Right now, animal agriculture is causing environmental havoc. It emits 14.5 percent of global emissions, drives deforestation and habitat destruction, and uses up valuable resources, like fresh water.

On top of that, it raises serious animal cruelty concerns. According to Compassion in World Farming, around two-thirds of farm animals are raised on factory farms every year. On these industrial farms, animals are crammed together, unable to display their natural behaviors, and often slaughtered long before they reach the end of their natural life span.

“Sentient Ventures was born of both passion and frustration,” said Glover. “Frustration that not enough is being done at a high level to move to a more sustainable and humane food system, and passion for the novel solutions that are reshaping food production without animals, and the founders behind them.”

A ‘booming’ industry

Plant-based brands are creating products that taste just like meat but without environmental or ethical implications. According to Grand View Research, the plant-based meat market could reach a market value of nearly $25 billion by 2030.

As a whole, the plant-based food market could exceed $162 billion within the next decade, reports Bloomberg Intelligence.

“Now is a prime time to invest in alternative protein companies,” added Glover, before stating that “the plant-based foods market is booming.” He added: “The threat of recession means lower valuations and less competition.”

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28 days ago

What a crok of idealist crap ( pardon the use of the term you clowns use to heap unconvincing blame on poor old cows).
There is do much subjectivity in this report above , supposedly from so called world experts “ with the huge total of 30 investment projects “ under their “wise belts”.
These people are not experts other than making money out of other peoples gullibility and investment!
I live on “ passion and frustration” – passion for living my healthy life I have lived for over 70 years balancing eating , recreational and lifestyle habits to be healthy , not obese and sure as hell well looked after nutritionally without ever having to consider one of life’s great cop outs – consuming plant based crap! Surely that is what a daily dose of vegetables is about – and are you about to create the worlds big sustainable – eggs from plants?? Hello!
You are only interested in creating a new wealth base – and sucking in the new idealistists who , in a short period of time will turn on all you greedies and be expecting benefits back to help them live just like 40% of this country do.
Meat forever – stuff you lot.

Plant Based News Admin
Plant Based News Admin
27 days ago
Reply to  Mike

Thanks for your comment Mike. Nobody is blaming cows, they are victims in this. The problem is that we are breeding them incessantly without necessity.
Matthew Glover, the gentleman heading up the fund, has a lot of experience under his belt. Have you advised over 30 successful investment projects?
Clearly you are very angry with… vegetables? What did they do to you?
You’re aware that animal agriculture is also only interested in creating wealth, right? Using 77% of our agricultural land, producing 18% of global caloric intake, and raking in trillions?
This fund will positively impact our planet, our health, and the animals. What’s wrong with that?

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