Reading Time: < 1 minute The celeb says it 'wasn’t even a conscious shift' to move away from animal products Credit: Instagram
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English singer and television personality Cheryl Cole said she has ‘naturally’ started eating more plant-based food, regularly having meat-free days.

Cheryl was part of the 2000s pop band Girls Aloud and was a host on the UK’s X Factor.

“I eat [vegetarian] three, four days a week normally. I only really eat it if my body says it wants too. Otherwise, I just don’t fancy it,” she said to Marie Claire.

“It’s just a very natural thing that’s happened. It wasn’t even a conscious shift. I just felt like that.”

She added: “You know what surprised me that I’ve never had before lockdown? Jackfruit. It goes with everything. You can literally make everything out of it.”

She noted that while she is not vegan, she enjoys plant-based food. Cheryl said she especially likes Beyond Meat.

Marie Claire journalist Ally Head agreed, adding that ‘we should all be eating a little less meat’.

Celebrities and veganism

More and more celebrities are exploring plant-based eating. Today Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra said she is ‘getting into this vegan thing’ and earlier this month, Liam Payne told his 22 million Instagram followers that he ‘feels better’ after ditching meat.

Jemima Webber

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