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X Factor winner James Arthur has revealed he is still vegan – and loving it.

The singer, who is currently embarking on his first UK arena tour, won the famous series five years ago.

He spoke out about how he is still vegan – and how he feels.


Speaking in an interview with the Nottingham Post, he said he was still following a vegan diet, adding: “I feel really good at the moment. 

“It’s only been a couple of months that I’ve been off the cheese. 

“I never really had a lot of dairy in my diet anyway because as a vocalist it’s not great.”


According to the star, he hasn’t eaten animals ‘for the best part of a couple of years’.

He added: “I feel energized. I feel my head is clearer. 

“I’m not preaching the vegan life to anyone, but it’s working for me.”

You can find out more about the arena tourhere


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