Reading Time: < 1 minute 'A plant-based diet is hands down THE single biggest way to reduce your impact on this earth' Credit: Paul Wesley
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Actor and director Paul Wesley is encouraging his fans to cut down on animal products. 

The star, best known for his role as Stefan in The Vampire Diaries, made the request in an Instagram post dedicated to Earth Day.

Paul Wesley

He told his 10.9 million followers: “There are many posts going around today encouraging all sorts of recycling and environmental conservation. 

“While I entirely agree with these calls to action, most importantly I want to encourage you all to be kind to all of our earth’s creatures. 

“A plant-based diet is hands down THE single biggest way to reduce your impact on this earth. 

“I encourage you all to try to reduce your dependence on animal products. Not only will we be saving the planet, but we’ll also be saving many animals from the unnecessary suffering that is a sad reality of today’s industrialized food system.”

‘Happy Earth Day to all’.

Wesley then added: “80 billion animals are slaughtered every year [and] meat production is estimated to double by 2050. How will we feed 160 billion animals per year? By clearing forests. 

“But, we have already cleared 50 percent of the world’s forests. And trees are natural carbon-capturing devices. Every day needs to be earth day.”

Factory farming

However, this isn’t the first time Wesley has used his platform to advocate for veganism.

Last year, the celeb slammed factory farming – dubbing it as ‘one of the most important issues of our time’. 

He described the practice as the ’cause of numerous diseases’ as well as ‘the greatest contributor to climate change. Wesley then added: “Join me and go vegan in 2021.”

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