Reading Time: < 1 minute Kourtney has been praising the plant-based lifestyle, but is she vegan? Credit: Instagram
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Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian says her sister’s plant-based lifestyle is ‘rubbing off on her’. 

The celeb made the comment in a recent Instagram story, after sharing a recipe for plant-based Eggplant Parmesan.

Kourtney also posted a picture to her 113 million followers captioned ‘vegan sister lunch’. The dish featured pasta, broccoli, and what appeared to be a plant-based chicken substitute. 

Is Kourtney Kardashian vegan? 

Last month, Kourtney shared a ‘guide to a plant-based diet’ from her online lifestyle brand Poosh.

The guide reads: “By now, many of us understand that a plant-based diet isn’t all tofu and lettuce (and thank goodness).

“But that doesn’t mean it’s not intimidating, and hard to know where to start. It also means you have to plan a little better when it comes to getting all your macronutrients so that you’re well-nourished and feel full for an appropriate amount of time.”

However, the star has also been promoting collagen powder which is unsuitable for vegans. This is because collagen – a protein found mostly in hair, skin, nails, bones, and ligaments – is mainly derived from animals such as beef. 

Kim Kardashian 

Last year – during a Q&A on Twitter – Kourtney’s sister Kim revealed she revealed that she is ‘mostly plant-based and doesn’t eat meat ‘anymore’.

Since then, Kim has often praised her plant-heavy diet on social media.

“I’ve officially converted three family members! Plant-Based Life,” Kim recently wrote on Instagram.

“My brother just sent me this pizza cos it is vegan… And vegan ice cream. How cute is my brother?”

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