Barbie’s ‘Inspiring Women’ Series Now Includes A Dr. Jane Goodall Doll

Once a resident of Tanzania's forests, Goodall will now find a new home in children's bedrooms the world over


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Jane Goodall's new barbie doll Jane Goodall's new Barbie is made with recycled plastic - Media Credit: Mattel

Ethologist, UN Messenger of Peace, author, and anthropologist: Dr. Jane Goodall is many things. And now, she is immortalized as a Barbie figure.

The Barbie Inspiring Women Series injects feminist power into kids’ playtimes by showcasing heroines from various fields. Goodall joins Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, and Billie Jean King, amongst others, on the roster.

Goodall is best known for her groundbreaking work with chimpanzees. Therefore, as a Barbie, she is represented with a model of David Greybeard, one of her famous primate subjects.

A celebration of a lifetime’s work

Goodall is one of the seminal primatologists in the world. Her work with the chimpanzees of Tanzania led to perception-shifting data and greater understanding of how close we are to our animal cousins. 

Such work has made Goodall outspoken about issues including veganism, alternatives to traditional animal meat, and the climate crisis.

To remain appropriately aligned with Goodall’s primary interests, her Barbie doll uses 75 percent recycled plastic. Upcycled ocean-bound plastic waste offers on-brand conservation benefits. It is the first figure in the collection to be made from such materials.

On its social channels, the Barbie brand said: “Since Dr. Jane Goodall’s historic journey to Tanzania at age 26 to study chimpanzees in their natural habitat, she has paved the way for generations of future humanitarian leaders to forge their own path. Her life-long work as a renowned ethologist, conservationist, and animal advocate, has been a tour de force of compassion and a benefit to our entire planet.”

‘Hope is everything’

An exclusive interview with Plant Based News’ co-founder Robbie Lockie saw Goodall discuss the need for a new food system and her ongoing hope.

She told Lockie: “Every single one of us can make some impact on the planet every single day. And if all those who can make wise choices, ethical choices, in how they live, what they buy, what they wear, what they eat, especially what they eat, then, you know, we start moving in the right direction.”

“To me, hope is everything … It’s ultimately going to be up to us.”

The Dr. Jane Goodall Barbie is available now through the Jane Goodall Institute shop.

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