Reading Time: 2 minutes Hailey Bieber is feeling more energetic since ditching meat Credit: Hailey Bieber/Instagram
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hailey Bieber took to Instagram this week to tell her 36 million followers that she’s ‘never felt better’ after ‘completely cutting’ meat consumption. The model has experimented with a plant-based diet in the past.

“Over the past two and half months I completely cut meat (other than fish) out of my daily eating and have been sticking to more vegetarian/vegan dishes,” she wrote on an Instagram story.

“I have never felt better. [I] feel so clear and energetic. Just sharing for anyone who may be thinking about cutting out meat,” she added.

For Bieber, it’s a return to the diet. Earlier this year, the 24-year-old announced she had ditched efforts to eat plant-based.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, she said: “I felt great and I had a lot of energy, but it was not for me. 

“I don’t eat a strictly plant-based diet and I do still eat meat. I just don’t eat a lot of it. I’ve picked up more fish, greens, and lentils.”

Hailey Bieber changing diet

Bieber – who married entertainer Justin Bieber in 2018 – has been raving about vegan food for years.

In 2019, the socialite wrote on Instagram: “I’m half Brazilian so trust me I love a good pichana. But I will say over the last week or so I have tried some of the most unbelievable vegan food I’ve ever had, and I want to keep exploring plant-based! Send me all your suggestions!”

Bieber also complimented the dairy-free milkshakes served by Monty’s Good Burger, a retro-style vegan diner. She said she couldn’t ‘believe’ they didn’t contain dairy.

Last year, Bieber publicly asked for recommendations for books and documentaries about plant-based eating.

“Trying to transition over to eating mostly plant-based, about to watch The Game Changers,” she wrote online. “If you have any suggestions of other things to watch or read send them my way!”

Jemima Webber

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