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Bryan Adams and Joanna Lumley are supporting a donation of 100,000 vegan meals amid India’s second wave of COVID-19.

The celebs have backed international NGO Million Dollar Vegan, which has pledged to provide aid for those suffering from the pandemic. 

Million Dollar Vegan

The charity will donate plant-based meals across nine cities in India. They will be provided to frontline medical workers, migrant workers, shelters, slum-dwelling families, as well as other underserved communities. 

In a statement sent to PBN, Lumley said: “Million Dollar Vegan is preparing and delivering a two-pronged miracle: bringing delicious and nourishing food to those who need it so desperately… And, introducing the idea that plant-based nourishment is the way forward for the planet and its people. 

The actor then concluded: “I commend and applaud every part of Food Aid For India’s excellent and compassionate campaign.”

‘The tragedy in India’

Moreover, Darshana Muzumdar is the Manager of Million Dollar Vegan India. She added: “With the tragedy in India growing daily, we felt compelled to do everything in our power to help those most affected. 

“While this is a humanitarian priority for us… We’re also seeking to remind people all around the world that three-quarters of the emerging infectious diseases in people come from our treatment of animals. 

“If we are wise enough to learn lessons, we can prevent future pandemics simply by making different food choices.”

Other stars are supporting the initiative such as Sunny Leone, Digangana Suryavanshi, Neha Bhasin, Sadaa, and Raj Kundra.

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