Melbourne KFC Accused Of Animal Abuse By Persistent Vegan Protestor A protest held at a KFC in Melbourne urged diners to go vegan - Media Credit: Nighthawk Shoots

Melbourne KFC Accused Of Animal Abuse By Persistent Vegan Protestor

Protestors were kicked out of a Melbourne KFC after accusing the company of supporting animal abuse


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Vegan activist Tash Peterson has been kicked out of a KFC restaurant in Melbourne after staging a protest there.

The 26-year-old entered the fast food establishment with several other protestors. She sprayed fake blood on the floor and counters of the restaurant, as well as on herself. Peterson told onlookers that they are supporting animal abuse by supporting KFC.

During the protest – which lasted around 10 minutes before police arrived – protestors held up a screen playing footage from factory farms. The group played loud audio of the cries of distressed farm animals.

Through a megaphone, Peterson urged diners and staff to go vegan. “Three trillion innocent animals are brutally murdered every year in the meat, dairy, and egg industries,” she said.

“If this was happening to dogs, you’d all be here on my side calling me a hero,” the protestor added.

“But just because they’re other species, you completely ignore the fact that they are still sentient beings and they deserve to live freely from harm.”

Tash Peterson controversy

Peterson’s pro-vegan campaigns have landed her in hot water in the past. Last month, Peterson was served a notice banning her from every licensed premises in Western Australia. The ban includes pubs, clubs, and restaurants. If she breaches the notice, she could face a fine of $10,000.

Last year, Peterson was banned from major Australian supermarket chains Woolworths and Coles after holding multiple protests there.

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Rowland Ross
Rowland Ross
1 year ago

How to make yourself a complete fool, and alienate the public into the bargain. Well done!

Corey Thompson
Corey Thompson
1 year ago
Reply to  Rowland Ross

bruvskii… sometimes our true heroes move so far past ego its hard not to see them as foolish… walk a day in their shoes and you’ll lose your ego too 🙂

Sylvia Woon
Sylvia Woon
1 year ago
Reply to  Rowland Ross

Are you talking about KFC or Tash Rowland … if you are talking about KFC, yea they are trash and idiots who care nothing for anyone or anything, pure evil and on their last straw of crime, if you are speaking about the Amazing Animal rights hero Tash, you are probably stupid old small minded boomer with nothing but fear for a brain… stfu and go back to your 9-5 tiny peon.

Corey Thompson
Corey Thompson
1 year ago

that’s fucked up. banning her from all licensed premises without a documented problem of alcoholism sounds very fucking illegal.

keep their voice heard tash!!! you’re a hero to the countless species that lack a voice.

fuck those corporations and their empires of lies and suffering.

and fuck that other commentor… seems rather heartless and lacking in the empathy you’ve clearly shown for the non-human Nations Of Earth; our true allies; Against whom we’ve committed the worst atrocities imaginable. Hitler’s holocaust had nothing on modern factory farming.

Sylvia Woon
Sylvia Woon
1 year ago

KFC needs banned from any 1st world nation… they are worse than drugs for human health and worse for the enviroment than testing nukes… its pathetic in 2021, fuk them!

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