Dr. Robert Lustig and Dr. Garth Davis Dr. Robert Lustig and Dr. Garth Davis debate nutrition, disease, and medical research. - Media Credit: The Doctors

WATCH: Could This Be The Best Nutrition Debate Of All Time?

Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Garth Davis, and director Kip Anderson speak on "What the Health," nutrition, and misinformation


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One sizzling debate about nutrition – aired on the talk show The Doctors – created so much controversy that YouTube took it down.

The segment, which referenced data from documentary What the Health, saw Dr. Robert Lustig, a neuroendocrinologist who advocates for low-carb diets, go head-to-head with Dr. Garth Davis, a bariatric surgeon and physician.

They discuss whether plant-based diets are healthier than animal products, whether meat is really killing us, and if industry-funded studies are just muddying the waters of medical research.

With this exclusive re-upload, watch see these doctors thrash out their arguments.

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1 month ago

It is always the case that new science is seen as heresy among the population who have to realize a more preferable point of view. If this is the case with food, think of how much more we are ignoring as a culture?

Placing all the information to one side, one can see for themselves whether or not the food their eating is healthy. All you have to do is eat that food in isolation, and sense how your body feels. You will begin to notice those pains created in your body, didn’t just appear out of thin air.

timothy conway
1 month ago

Great excerpts! Dr. Garth Davis openly caught them spinning whopper lies.
And they have the gall to talk about “vegan bias”? When industry has been horrifically biased in shoving the meat-dairy based diet down everyone’s throats for generation after generation, completely buying off and “owning” govt regulatory bodies like the USDA? That takes a deranged kind of chutzpah to push the “vegan bias” charge against people who are desperately trying to save people’s health, heal myriad eco-afflictions caused by the meat-dairy industry (climate change, deforestation, water overuse & pollution, etc etc.), and of course stop the evil holocaust against innocent animals.