WATCH: ‘What The Health’ Co-Director Kip Andersen Tells PBN ‘Haters Made The Film As Big As It Is’


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The movie has been a huge success (Photo: What the Health) - Media Credit:

‘Haters’ helped make plant-based documentary What the Health as successful as it was, according to the film’s Co-director Kip Andersen.

The movie was a smash hit in 2017, with many citing it as their inspiration for ditching animal products. But it also drew criticism, with some blasting the science, accusing Andersen – who directed the movie along with Keegan Kuhn – of cherry-picking data to suit his agenda.

The filmmaker sat down with PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell to talk about his work in this exclusive interview.


Mitchell asked Andersen if he was expecting the backlash the film incited from the mainstream media, as well as individuals like podcaster Joe Rogan.

He said: “Yeah, we kind of did. But the people who hate the film, they’re the ones who made it as big as it got.

“Everyone who’s writing an article against the film is only looking at three of four facts. Then when people watch the film, they realize whether these three or four facts are questionable – which they are not, everything was sourced very solidly – they realize we counted 137 facts and you see the same three over and over and over.

“People like Joe Rogan who hated the film – all they were doing is promoting it.”

Klaus Mitchell interviews What the Health director Kip Anderson.Subscribe to PBN’s YouTube Channel here

Raw footage

Andersen also revealed plans to release further footage from interviews featured in the film.

Famously, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Ratner of the American Diabetes Association [ADA] walked out of an interview for the movie, refusing to discuss diet and diabetes.

Anderson says: “People say, especially with Cowspiracy, ‘oh you manipulated the interviews’ but if you see these whole interviews, they are even more funny, more bizarre, more covered up in a twisted way than we finally edited it down to.”

You canwatch the full interview on YouTube here

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