Another Totally Vegan Burger King Restaurant Is Now Open In Vienna

Burger King has experimented with a number of vegan restaurants recently


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A person laughs while feeding another person plant-based nuggets Vegan Burger King menu items include nuggets by The Vegetarian Butcher - Media Credit: Burger King Austria

Burger King has opened yet another totally vegan location, this time in Vienna, Austria.

The new plant-based spot is located in Vienna’s Westbahnhof district, and, according to an Instagram post by the Vegan Society Austria, it will remain meat-free as long as customer demand remains high.

Prior to the reopening of the restaurant, Burger King Austria posted an Instagram video of workers putting up “100% vegan” signs outside. The text reads: “The glow up of the year.”

It adds that the new menu will include “ingenious” vegan burgers and nuggets by The Vegetarian Butcher, a Dutch plant-based meat brand. It will also feature vegan bacon from the French brand La Vie.

Normal or with meat?

The new vegan restaurant follows a recent campaign by Burger King Austria, called  “Normal oder mit fleisch?” (“Normal or with meat?”)

A brief consumer trial in Margaretengürtel in Vienna saw customers asked if they wanted their order as standard (plant-based) or with meat. This was in an attempt to demonstrate that meat doesn’t always have to be the default.

Jan-Christoph Küster, marketing director of the TQSR Group, Austrian master franchisee of Burger King, said the campaign was intended to “stimulate social debate.”

“Meat is one option,” he continued, “but it is not the only one.”

Burger King goes vegan

The new Vienna location isn’t Burger King’s first plant-based restaurant. The fast food chain has trialed vegan spots in Spain, the UK, and Switzerland.

Belgium hasn’t seen a fully plant-based restaurant yet, but its meatless options are a hit. The chain’s marketing manager Vic Dresen recently confirmed that one in three Whoppers sold in the country is meat-free.
He added that pushing plant-based options is a “conscious choice” from the chain. “Burger King is fully committed to sustainability,” he said.

In the UK, the fast food chain has even pledged to turn half of its menu plant-based by 2030.

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