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Food giant Heinz has changed the recipe of its No Added Sugar beans to make them suitable for vegans.

The product, which was previously only suitable for vegetarians, came under fire last year after Heinz admitted it contained an unknown ingredient deriving from animals. 

Vegan recipe 

According to an Instagram post by Accidentally Vegan UK, the beans previously contained honey extract – which has now been removed to make them plant-based.

A spokesperson for Heinz told Plant Based News: “All Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz being produced now are suitable for vegans and the new packs are rolling into stores over the next month or so with a callout saying the recipe is vegan on the side of the pack.

‘Going the right way!’

The announcement was well-received by Wetherspoons’ fans – after its vegan breakfast was branded ‘ridiculous’ for not containing beans. 

“I’m so happy. Can finally have a spoons brekkie that isn’t dry af,” one user commented. 

“Great move, isn’t it crazy that we still have these animal ingredients in products when there is NO NEED! So frustrating on the whole but surely going the right way!” another person said.

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