Over 80% Of Public 'Concerned' About Farm Animals' Link To Pandemics

Over 80% Of Public ‘Concerned’ About Farm Animals’ Link To Pandemics, Says Poll

A new survey also found nearly 90% of the public are concerned about 'superbugs' coming from animals due to the overuse of antibiotics


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Factory farm The next pandemic could be sparked by 'intensive animal farming' - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission
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More than 80 percent of the public is ‘concerned’ about the link between pandemics and farm animals – according to a new poll.

Market researchers Flood + Partners surveyed more than 15,700 individuals across the globe to ‘gain understanding of people’s attitudes towards antimicrobial resistance’ and ‘gauge concerns around human health impacts’.  

‘Very concerned’

Its findings, published by World Animal Protection, shows 47 percent of respondents are ‘quite concerned’ about the possibility of a pandemic originating from farm animals – with a further 36 percent describing themselves as ‘very concerned’.

The poll also found that 88 percent of the public is concerned about the possibility of ‘superbugs’ coming from animals due to the overuse of antibiotics. 

‘The next pandemic’

Earlier this year, a major white paper warned the next pandemic could be sparked by the ‘world’s addiction to intensive animal farming’.

The paper, The connection between animal agriculture, viral zoonoses, and global pandemics, was penned by global animal protection organization Humane Society International.

It says intensive farming, in which ‘thousands of stressed animals are kept in close proximity’ is ‘the perfect breeding ground for future pandemics’ – and that ‘world leaders must accelerate action to shift global diets towards more plant-based foods’ to prevent future pandemics. 

You can read the full report here

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