The Top 10 ‘Best Vegan Restaurants In The World’ Unveiled

These are the top 10 best vegan restaurants in the world, according to HappyCow


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A massive burger stack at Happy Food and Health in Rotterdam, one of HappyCow's top 10 best vegan restaurants Diners at the top 10 best vegan restaurants are in for a treat - Media Credit: Happy Food and Health

Vegan food discovery platform HappyCow has released its list of the top 10 best vegan restaurants in the world.

As veganism has grown, a huge array of fully plant-based restaurants have opened in cities from Amsterdam to Amman.

Claiming top spot is Hoi Banh My Chay, a food stall in Hoi An, Vietnam. The stall sells classic Vietnamese street food, including banh mi chay (a traditional sandwich-style dish) and vegan pho (noodle soup).

Other restaurants in the top 10 include a pub in Wales and a gluten-free coffee bar in Rotterdam.

The list is based on ratings and reviews by users of the HappyCow app. It uses the Wilson Scoring Method, and is refreshed continuously.

Emma Cebuliank, Head of Marketing at HappyCow, told Plant Based News (PBN): “We are delighted to continually see such a wide array of businesses from around the world perform successfully on HappyCow. To rank so highly among the 14 million monthly listing views we receive is no small feat.”

Vietnamese food stall is “best vegan restaurant”

Hoi An in Vietnam, which is home to the top rated vegan restaurant on Happy Cow
Adobe Stock Hoi An in Vietnam is home to the top-rated vegan restaurant on Happy Cow

Hoi Banh My Chay, a food stall in Hội An, Vietnam, took top spot in HappyCow’s list of the top 10 vegan restaurants in the world.

The app’s users are in love with the food. “This place is so wholesome and price is unbeatable,” wrote one. “There’s really no reason not to stop by this food stall!” another added.

The banh mi chay has many admirers. “Packed with crunchy vegetables, marinated tofu and mushrooms, tangy, sweet, salty and spicy, this fresh vegan banh mi has it all and it’s absolutely delicious,” one review reads.

“It’s one sandwich and one sandwich only but it’s THE BEST!” said another.

Japan and Jordan on the podium

In second place was Saido in Tokyo, Japan. The restaurant, established in 2018, offers Japanese vegan cuisine with “a focus on vegetables and mushrooms.” Popular dishes include katsu, soba, vegan eel, and bento sets. It has consistently been at or near the top of the list for the past 24 months.

Among a swarm of 5-star reviews, one diner gushed: “I’ve been vegan for 7 years and never had better vegan food.”

Bayt Sara in Amman, Jordan, completes the top three. The restaurant is known for its variety of Middle Eastern and European dishes. “A great restaurant where the food is fresh and delicious and the portions are huge!” one reviewer said.

Several reviewers praised the owner’s work for stray cats in Amman. “Owner Sara is an animal rights activist and feeds over 160 stray cats and funds a project for neutering cats,” commented one.

Traditional Welsh pub food

Colorful meal at The Queen Inn in South Wales
The Queen Inn The Queen Inn is HappyCow’s number one restaurant in Europe

Ranked in fourth place is The Queen Inn in Cwmbran, South Wales. The traditional pub removed animal products from its menu for Veganuary 2022, and never brought them back. Menu items include gourmet versions of pub classics like Battered f*sh and chips and Ch*cken & b*con pie. 

Established in the 1800s, The Queen Inn is a family-owned business labelled the “world’s first plant-based steakhouse.” 

Owner Ryan Edwards previously told Plant Based News: “Most of our customers are animal-eaters who want a cruelty free way of eating their favorite pub meals. We always find that they are pleasantly surprised at the quality of the meals. They realize that plant-based dishes don’t always ‘taste like cardboard.'”

Gluten-free cuisine in the top 10

Happy Food and Health in Rotterdam, Netherlands is a plant-based and gluten-free coffee bar, restaurant, and bakery serving homemade food such as grills, burgers, wraps, and bowls.

“Decided to visit after it earned the top restaurant title and it did not disappoint!” said one reviewer. “The staff and the owner were sooo friendly and warm,” wrote another.

Cebuliak told PBN: “Happy Food and Health in the Netherlands has ranked highly for many years, for its vibrant plant-based and gluten-free cuisine.”

A cake at Happy Food and Health in Rotterdam
Happy Food and Health 100% plant-based and gluten-free food at Happy Food and Health in Rotterdam

Community eating in India

An Indian collective dining space that has been vegan since 2003 sits just outside the top 10.

Sadhana Forest is a vegan ecological revival and sustainable living project based in Auroville, India. On Friday evenings, it offers plant-based, oil-free whole foods meals free of charge to the local community.

Located in a Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest and run entirely on solar energy, Sadhana Forest support the local rural villages and offers a true vision of sustainable living.

“The simplest and tastiest vegan food is at Sadhana Forest,” a reviewer said. “Simple, delicious, and heartwarming,” added another.

Variety of vegan food

Happy Cow’s list of the top-ranked vegan restaurants highlights the diversity and possibilities of plant-based food around the world.

Cebuliak added: “Saido has consistently placed highly on this list for its incredible vegan Japanese cuisine in Tokyo. Recently we’ve seen Hoi Banh My Chay Food Stall in Hoi An, Vietnam rise highly, showcasing itself as a hidden food gem.”

Here is the full ranking of the top 10 best vegan restaurants in the world:

  1. Hoi Banh My Chay (Hoi An, Vietnam)
  2. Saido (Tokyo, Japan)
  3. Bayt Sara (Amman, Jordan)
  4. The Queen Inn (Cwmbran, Wales)
  5. Vegan Beat (Athens, Greece)
  6. CactusCat Bar (Barcelona, Spain)
  7. Bite Me Cafe (Madrid, Spain)
  8. Happy Food and Health (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  9. Suissi Vegan Asian Kitchen (Glasgow, Scotland)
  10. Life’s a Peach (Utrecht, Netherlands)

You can see the full list here: HappyCow Top 10 Best Vegan Restaurants

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