Tofoo Releases First Seitan Products To Supermarket Shelves

The popular tofu company has partnered with Temple of Seitan


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Tofoo seitan products, new plant-based protein products available in the UK The products will be available to buy next month - Media Credit: Tofoo

Vegan protein brand Tofoo has announced the launch of its first ever seitan products. 

Made in collaboration with London-based plant-based restaurant Temple of Seitan, the new products will hit supermarket shelves in May. 

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There will be two flavors available to buy. Original Seitan is a chicken-flavored block that’s currently served at Temple of Seitan branches. Pepperoni Seitan is described as a “smoky and spicy” pepperoni alternative. 

Both products will cost £2.50, and will be available to buy from selected Waitrose stores next month. The Original Seitan will also be sold at Tesco. 

What is seitan?

A chicken flavored seitan product from Tofoo
Tofoo The Original Seitan flavor can be used as a chicken alternative

Seitan is a protein made from wheat gluten. It’s been a staple in many Asian countries for centuries, but has grown in popularity all over the world as a plant-based meat alternative in recently years. It has a chewy texture, and a great ability to absorb flavors. Temple of Seitan, which has branches across the UK, uses it to create its famous vegan chicken products. 

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According to Tofoo, the new seitan launch aims to capitalize on the growing demand for natural plant proteins. 

“Consumers are looking for products that offer more versatility as to what meals they can cook,” said The Tofoo Co’s MD Dave Knibbs in a statement. “[The] Seitan lines offer shoppers the scratch-based cooking and health benefits they are craving, whilst also providing a meatier texture than tofu and tempeh that will appeal [to] flexitarians and omnivores.”

While seitan is often used in plant-based restaurants, it’s harder to find in UK supermarkets. These products will be among the first of their kind to be offered in retail. 

“Over the last year alone we’ve served over 250,000 restaurant customers,” said Temple of Seitan cofounder Patrick O’Shea. “There’s a strong demand for seitan as a plant based protein that delivers a meaty texture and taste.”

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