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A food-tech startup has debuted the first-ever plant-based burger made from microalgae. 

Sophie’s Bionutrients says its meat-free patties contain up to two times more protein than beef or most commercially available fish.

Each 60g burger contains a staggering 25g of protein, comprising all nine essential amino acids.

‘Meat-like consistency’

The burger took the Singaporean brand three months to research and develop in a local laboratory. It also features textured protein crumbles made from flour to achieve a ‘meat-like consistency’. 

Sophie’s Bionutrients says the burger is also low in sodium, rich in vitamin B12, and has an ‘umami’ flavor from 10 different spices.

Microalgae protein

Moreover, Eugene Wang is the co-founder and CEO of Sophie’s Bionutrients. In an online statement, she said: “We’ve been working relentlessly towards strengthening global food security by unlocking the limitless possibilities of nature – with microalgae being a vital source of nutrients in the ocean. 

“By developing this burger, we hope to showcase the versatility of the microalgae protein flour that goes beyond making plant-based seafood products.”

Wang then concluded: “Microalgae-based products can match or exceed the nutritional value of meat. 

“We will continue to synergize the power of nature and technology to broaden our range of plant-based products, while doing good for the environment.”

You can visit Sophie’s Bionutrients’ website here

Liam Giliver

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