Mycelium Bacon Strips Now Available In The US

MyForest Foods' mycelium bacon is now available online as well as in stores


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Photo shows the packaging of MyForest Foods Co's plant-based mycelium bacon as well as three slices browned in a cast iron pan Mycelium bacon from MyForest Foods is now available online - Media Credit: MyForest Foods Co

MyForest Foods Co just announced that its award-winning mycelium-based MyBacon strips are coming to the US West Coast for the first time via an online retailer.

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MyForest Foods (formerly Atlast) is partnering with online grocer Good Eggs to bring MyBacon strips to Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. This brings the brand’s footprint to more than 550 retailers nationwide in response to growing customer demand.

“Frankly, since day one, we’ve been fielding requests from consumers around the country pleading to bring our delicious product to their nearest retailer,” explained MyForest Foods CMO Sarah-Marie Cole in a release sent to Plant Based News.

“Today is the day we can do that for those in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we can’t wait to continue expanding our availability to those who have been rooting for us since the beginning,” she continued.

Founded in 2020 as a food tech spin-off of New York’s Ecovative Design, MyForest Foods replicates a forest environment to grow mycelium in resource-efficient vertical farms. CCO Deb Battista described a sustainability “synergy” between MyForest Foods and Good Eggs.

“Since the company’s inception, we’ve taken sourcing our retailers very seriously – and finding our first West Coast and online marketplace partner was no exception,” added Battista. “We’ve been amazed with Good Eggs’ commitment to maintaining the highest sustainability and sourcing standards in the industry.”

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Mycelium: a more sustainable and nutritious option

Photo shows the packaging of MyForest Foods Co's plant-based mycelium bacon
MyForest Foods Co Have you tried mycelium bacon yet?

According to MyForest Foods, its MyBacon product is made using just five ingredients – nutrient-dense organic oyster mushroom mycelium, salt, organic sugar, organic coconut oil, and natural flavors – but retains the taste, smell, and texture of traditional bacon.

The company notes that its “light-touch farming and production process” uses significantly less land and water than pork production, and produces fewer carbon emissions.

Mycelium is a network of root-like fungal threads and makes for a cost-effective, sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable alternative to everything from packaging and textiles – such as those produced by Ecovative – to MyForest Foods’ plant-based meat.

Traditional bacon, along with other processed red meat, is considered carcinogenic, while an increasing body of evidence indicates that meat-free diets can lower the risk of certain diseases. One recent scientific review found that plant-based meats are better for heart health in general, despite variable nutrient density, fat content, and processing between products.

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