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Michelin-star chef Alexis Gauthier has turned his London restaurant completely vegan, despite pushback from customers. 

The French chef says he’s been working towards a 100 percent plant-based menu for a number of years now at his brasserie Gauthier Soho. 

Alex Gauthier

In an interview with Big Hospitality, he confirmed the restaurant will re-open on June 23, as COVID-19 restrictions are set to lift. 

“There are no animal products in the restaurant whatsoever, not even in the chef’s pocket,” Gauthier told the publication. “I’m vegan myself; it would be unethical for me to profit from selling dead animals.”

Gauthier has also opened a new café called 123 Vegan

Speaking about the pushback from customers, the chef added: “It’s been a big problem. 

“I was aware I’d have a fight on my hands; I understand people feel let down…

“But I say ‘trust me, what we’re cooking is as good as that’. Some people are up for it and some aren’t.”

123 Vegan

Moreover, Gauthier has recenntly opened a plant-based cafeteria entitled 123 Vegan at Mayfair department store in Fenwick. 

The menu features dishes such as a Beyond Meat California cheeseburger, quesadillas and salads. Moreover, for desserts, it offers a Dark Chocolate ‘Vemesis’ Cake, seasonal sorbets, fruit salad, and more.

Prices range from £22 for two courses to £26 for three courses.

You can follow 123 Vegan on Instagram here

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