Vegan Pork Brand La Vie Launches Game-Changing Vegan Ham In Tesco

The nation's favourite plant-based bacon brand rolls out its newest Vegan Ham, making its debut in the UK market exclusively at Tesco


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An outdoor advertisement depicting La Vie plant-based ham La Vie is catering to the huge demand for plant-based meat products - Media Credit: La Vie

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La Vie, the French plant-based food brand taking the UK by storm, has announced the launch of its latest innovation: La Vie Plant-Based Ham. 

Marking a significant milestone in its quest to provide delicious and sustainable food alternatives, La Vie Ham will be available exclusively at Tesco from January 1, 2024, alongside its plant-based bacon and lardons. 

Customers can choose from two flavors – Smoked and Plain. Both taste very similar to the real thing, and will be a hugely welcome addition to vegan lunches all over the country. 

To mark the new launch, La Vie – which is no stranger to fun and quirky PR campaigns – has unveiled a billboard campaign in a number of different cities across Europe. Featuring a variety of bold creatives, these will be present across digital and social. 

La Vie’s New Game-Changing Vegan Ham

Vegan ham from plant-based pork brand La Vie
La Vie The vegan ham is available to buy in Tesco stores now

Fresh from clinching victory at the French “Carrefour Plant-Based Contest” and earning the esteemed title of “Flavor of the Year 2023,” La Vie’s Vegan Ham (which is made in France) has been crafted using thoughtfully selected ingredients, including pea protein, soy protein, radish juice concentrate, potassium acetate (acidity regulator), salt, natural flavorings, and vegan lactic acid. 

According to La Vie, the ingredients combine perfect texture, juiciness, unparalleled taste, and a protein content of 19.5g per 100g, meeting nutritional needs. They are both nitrite-free, have five times less saturated fat than pork ham and contain no funny business – just pure plant-powered goodness. The product has been highly praised by ham-loving consumers for its juiciness and unparalleled taste.

Tesco shoppers are now able to buy the ham alongside La Vie’s beloved plant-based bacon rashers and lardons. From now until January 31, you can buy two ham products for £3.75 (they are usually £3 each). The bacon and lardons will also be on promo for £2 until January 23 (usual price £3.50). 

The popularity of plant-based meat

There have been a number of highly publicized struggles within the plant-based meat sector this year, with some brands experiencing drops in sales or going into administration. Certain sectors of the media have used these struggles at leverage to proclaim that “the vegan obsession is over” and that the “bubble has burst” on vegan foods. 

Brands like La Vie, however, are proving this to be false. The plant meat market itself remains strong, with one forecast stating it will grow to $22 billion by 2025. Brands like La Vie are key in bringing high quality and tasty meat alternatives to the general public. According to La Vie, which is one of the top three contributors to the category growth, this launch in Tesco demonstrates the market confidence and growth potential.

The importance of vegan meat

A La Vie billboard advertising the brand's plant-based bacon in Camden
La Vie La Vie also stocks vegan bacon in supermarkets across the UK

Companies like La Vie are doing vital work in ensuring that consumers have more of a choice when it comes to meat products. This work is firstly vital for the animals themselves. Around 3.8 million pigs are killed every single day worldwide, the majority spending their entire lives indoors on huge factory farms. 

Plant-based meat is also vital for the planet. Animal agriculture is hugely environmentally destructive. Earlier this year, a study found that plant-based diets could lead to 75 percent less greenhouse gas emissions. Renowned broadcaster David Attenborough also recently endorsed a move away from animal foods in order to combat the climate and nature crises. While pig meat has a smaller carbon footprint than animal foods like beef and lamb, it is still regularly found to be responsible for more greenhouse gasses than all other plant foods.

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