Stella McCartney’s Latest Sustainable Collection Is Fantasia-Inspired

The range includes themed accessories and footwear made with recyclable and vegan-friendly materials


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Stella McCartney x Disney fashion Stella McCartney's sustainable fashion range has grown once again. - Media Credit: Stella McCartney / PBN

Stella McCartney is bringing Disney’s 1941 classic Fantasia back to life, with a new collection of bags, sneakers, sweaters, and more.

The new Mickey Mouse-inspired range features a range of vegan materials, including organic cotton, recycled nylon, and recycled polyester.

Stand-out items from the new collection include a Mickey-emblazoned crystal tote (complete with Stella McCartney’s signature silver diamond-cut chain) and pastel pink Loop Lace-Up Sneakers. The latter features a rainbow-colored graphic of Mickey in Fantasia, a recycled polyester upper, and a bamboo lining.

Stella McCartney is renowned in the fashion world for its commitment to sustainable fashion. Last year, the brand launched several new sustainable products, including vegan sneakers made with recycled fishing nets and vegan leather bags made from mycelium (the root network of mushrooms).

That said, there are items in the new collection that include animal products, like silk and wool. While the brand uses repurposed and traceable versions of these materials, both industries are rife with animal welfare concerns.

Silk comes from farmed silkworms, and it takes roughly 3,000 of the creatures to make one pound of silk, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Similarly, PETA investigations have found that in the wool industry, the sheep shearing process can be violent and aggressive.

Stella McCartney’s Disney-inspired fashion

This isn’t the first time Stella McCartney has collaborated with Disney. Back in February, Stella McCartney herself was invited to Disneyland Paris to design Minnie Mouse’s first-ever pantsuit out of responsible materials.

But for the new collection, McCartney wanted to take inspiration from Mickey and Fantasia. The experimental Walt Disney animation married together the movie giant’s beloved character with classical music from composers like Ludwig Van Beethoven and Stravinsky.

According to the designer, her love for the movie was inspired by her mother, famous photographer, entrepreneur, musician, and passionate animal rights activist Linda McCartney.

“[My mother] was a huge fan of Disney, so I grew up watching Fantasia,” McCartney told WWD. “I loved escaping reality into this colorful and psychedelic world of magic, animals, and powerful symphony music. It was ahead of its time then, and is more relevant than ever now.”

She added: “I’m so excited to introduce one of Disney’s most beautiful animations to a new generation through fashion.”

As well as an appreciation for the world’s most famous animated mouse, McCartney also inherited a love of real animals from her mother. The designer launched her brand around 25 years ago, and in stark contrast to other brands at the time, she ensured everything was leather- and fur-free. To this day, she remains a pioneer of sustainable fashion.

The new Fantasia capsule collection is available to buy from the Stella McCartney website now.

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