Reading Time: 2 minutes 'I love being able to continue his legacy - chic, bold and innovative' Credit: Karl Lagerfeld
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Fashion house Karl Lagerfeld is launching its first-ever vegan cactus leather bag. 

The brand has partnered with celebrity model Amber Valletta to create a cruelty-free version of its iconic K/Kushion bag. It features award-winning faux leather made from Catci, created by start-up Desserto.

Other items in the eco-friendly collection include a cardholder, metal water bottle, and face mask.

Karl Lagerfeld X Amber Valletta

According to Fashion United, Valletta said: “To see it all coming to life is a great achievement and honor.

“I’m convinced that Karl would have loved it. I love being able to continue his legacy – chic, bold and innovative.

“It’s exciting to see how thoroughly Karl Lagerfeld is researching sustainable practices and materials. They continue to impress me with their knowledge and commitment to design, and producing in a new and conscious way.”

Exotic skins and fur ban

The partnership follows the brand’s decision last year to ban the use of exotic animal skins. Vegan charity PETA described the move as ‘business-savvy’, saying it could save human lives as well as animal lives.

This is because experts have warned the trade-in snake, crocodile, and other exotic-animal skins could fuel the spread of diseases like COVID-19.

Moreover, Yvonne Taylor is PETA’s director of corporate projects. In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “Karl Lagerfeld has taken a business-savvy step by discontinuing the use of skins stolen from wild animals, and the company may just save some human lives in the process.

“Kind shoppers can do their part by opting for the latest fashions in vegan clothing and accessories, knowing that no animal was killed for them.”

The year before, Karl Lagerfeld also ditched fur. The brand’s founder, designer Karl Lagerfeld – who died in 2019 – was a staunch defender of using animal skins in his designs.

You can shop the Karl Lagerfeld X Amber Valletta collection here

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