NBA Urged To Drop Partnership With Canada Goose Over Use Of Fur

The National Basketball Association is facing calls to partner with a 'modern vegan outwear company' instead of Canada Goose


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NBA Urged To Drop Partnership With Canada Goose Over Use Of Fur The NBA features a slew of vegan/ plant-based players... - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is being urged to drop its partnership with Canada Goose. 

Earlier this month, Canada Goose announced a multiyear partnership with the NBA for the annual All-Star Game. It has already received backlash for holding the game during the pandemic. 

Now, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is facing calls to reconsider the partnership due to Canada Goose’s notorious use of animal fur – which has long come under fire due to the inhumane methods used to trap coyotes for their fur.

NBA Partnership

Tracy Reiman is PETA’s Executive Vice President. She said: “No league should welcome a partnership with a company whose name is synonymous with cruelty.

“PETA urges the NBA not to team up with an overpriced all-star animal abuse supporter like Canada Goose. And, instead, score a partnership with a modern vegan outerwear company.”

Canada Goose

Last year, the fashion house announced it will stop using virgin fur from 2022 as part of a sustainability drive.

The Canadian fashion giant says it will use the fur that already exists in its supply chain and the marketplace. Moreover, it will start buying back the fur ruffs from customers’ coats.

According to a company statement, it will still use down, saying it plans to be 100 percent Responsible Down Standard (RDS)-certified by 2021, meaning the down will not have been plucked from live birds.

Some campaigners have welcomed the move, but say they hope the company will go further and switch to faux furs. 

Claire Bass is the executive director of Humane Society International/UK. She said: “We welcome Canada Goose’s announcement because it means that untold thousands of coyotes will be spared from being maimed and killed in cruel metal leg-hold traps.

“Although the decision to shift to reclaimed fur feels like a rather painful ‘long-goodbye’ in this company’s tired love affair with the fur trade. 

“A cleaner and clearer commitment to sustainability will hopefully see Canada Goose in the near future investing in the development of bio-fake-furs, and closed-loop recycling of synthetic fur materials.

“Nonetheless, this decision to stop killing animals for fashion is yet another nail in the coffin of the fur trade.

Vegan NBA Stars

The NBA features a slew of vegan/ plant-based basketballers. Last year, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony partnered with Beyond Meat to fight racial inequality.

Ethan Brown is Beyond Meat’s founder and CEO. He said: “We’re honored to join in partnership with Paul, Wade, and Anthony in support of the Social Change Fund.

“Beyond Meat is dedicated to serving broader social goals. We use what’s on the center of the plate as a critical starting point.

“And we’re excited to support and work with the Social Change Fund initiative to address racial inequalities in nutrition access and health outcomes in America.”

Plant Based News has contacted the NBA for comment

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