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Piers Morgan Wants To Buy ‘1,000 Big Macs’ After McDonald’s Faces Calls To Go Plant-Based

The anti-vegan TV personality has responded to calls for global fast-food giant McDonald's to ditch animal products completely by 2025


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Piers Morgan McDonalds Plant-Based The former Good Morning Britain host regularly hits out at vegans - Media Credit: IAB UK
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Piers Morgan says he wants to buy 1,000 Big Macs after McDonald’s faces calls to go plant-based.

The fast-food giant is under pressure to ditch animal products and commit to a 100 percent vegan menu by 2025. 

McDonald’s urged to go plant-based

Last week, distribution centers supplying McDonald’s shut down in the UK following a series of demonstrations by Animal Rebellion campaigners.  

This resulted in menu shortages being reported across the country – and the alleged arrest of 14 protestors. 

Responding to the campaign, controversial TV personality Piers Morgan tweeted: “This makes me want to buy 1,000 Big Macs tomorrow.”

Piers Morgan

However, this isn’t the first time Morgan has hit out at vegans. 

Last year, the former Good Morning Britain host slammed McDonald’s after it announced the trial of its McPlant range

Morgan branded the line ‘total nonsense’ and said the McPlant burger should be called someone else.

“The McPlant, the meat-free range, it’s obviously total nonsense,” he said.

“Look it up in the dictionary, a burger is a meat product, so is a sausage. Why do vegans want to use our language?”

His then co-host Susanna Reid replied: “A veggie burger is a burger. It’s a burger… just because it doesn’t meat in it…it’s a burger.”

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