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Vegan barrister wigs made from hemp could break a 200-year-old tradition of using horsehair. 

Pupil barrister Samuel March shared a prototype of the cruelty-free wig on Twitter, describing it as a ‘world’s first’. 

The 29-year-old added: “0 percent horsehair, 100 percent vegan friendly. What do we think? Will it pass in court?”

Vegan barrister wigs

The 100 percent biodegradable wigs will retail at around £650. Its horsehair counterparts can cost up to £700. Reports say March received 20 requests for orders just one day after unveiling the product. 

According to the Telegraph, Ivy & Normanton, the UK’s first legal outfitter for women, says it’s ‘keen to stock the product’.

‘Will it pass in court?’

‘A sacred uniform’

Founder Karlia Lykourgou told the publication: “There’s definitely a positive conversation to be had and we are interested.

“I’ve actually been shown a synthetic wig and it does not have the same quality as a horsehair wig. The legal garb that we wear is significant and it means something. 

“We don’t want to dilute the quality of this garb that we wear, it’s a sacred uniform and it takes a lot to get there. A hemp wig sounds like it might have a similar quality to horsehair, there’s certainly a conversation to be had.” 

‘Makes the Bar more sustainable’

Moreover, on Twitter, the organization said: “The first hemp vegan wig has been developed! We think anything that makes the Bar more sustainable and allows people to express their personality and beliefs is a good thing.

“What do you think? Would you be prepared to pay the same as a horse hair wig or more for it?”

Liam Giliver

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