Hemp Milk Orders Have Surged In 2020, Reports Supplier

Hemp Milk Orders Have Surged In 2020, Reports Supplier


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Plant milk is becoming more popular (Photo: Hjalte Gregersen) - Media Credit:
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Orders for hemp milk have doubled this year, according to a tea and coffee supplier.

According to the Tea and Coffee Company, an increasing number of its customers have been swapping out dairy for plant-based alternatives.

And it says its online orders for hemp milk have ‘more than doubled’ this year.

Hemp milk

“Hemp milk comes from the same plant used to produce marijuana, however it’s a surprisingly good substitute for cow’s milk,” Richard Smith, Partner from the Tea and Coffee Company, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“It has an earthy, nutty flavour and its creamy consistency is ideal for non-dairy lattes or as a milk substitute in tea and coffee. We have had a lot of enquiries from customers asking what we would recommend they use as an alternative for milk in their beverages.”

He added: “Hemp milk and other products made from hemp seeds do not cause mind-altering effects like marijuana and only contain trace amounts of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol.”

Dairy-free milk

Hemp milk offers a range of benefits, according to fans of the products, who tout its nutritional benefits – saying it naturally contains more calcium than dairy, and has the ideal 1:3 ratio of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. In addition, it is low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free.

Hemp is often considered a sustainable crop – which requires very little water to grow, absorbs more CO2 than trees, and does not require herbicides or pesticides.

It has what is described as a ‘nutty’ flavor, and it doesn’t split in hot drinks.

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